Sabotage coming to the PS3/Xbox 360/PC - 30 new screenshots

Developed by Replay Studios, Sabotage is a 3rd person action title for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Players take the role of an Allied agent named Violette Summer who works for the secret section of MI6 known as Nova 5, in 1943. Her tasks are highly risk missions behind the enemy lines of World War 2. Specialized in working alone, silently and deadly she must accomplish secret Sabotage missions.


For some reason the link to the gallery is not working, however all the screenshots are still there. You can view the screenshots individually by starting here and clicking through them:

Sorry about this. I will update you once the gallery is working again

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power of Green 5215d ago (Edited 5215d ago )

The 12th pic must be old or all of these pics judging from the channels this is posted in or the fact these pics are in PSU for that matter.

If these pics are new the platforms are loosly titled due to the 12th pic.

You can tell the visuals seem more solid than multi platform games of consoles thats what actaully cought my attention then I seen the editing was off. Its visuals had me thinking somebody had figured out PS3's hardware better than most by looking at the un-edited title of this post when I thought it was just a PS3 game..

NoUseMerc5215d ago

Yes, the images 11-14 are old and are from the game's old website. If you visit Replay Studios Official website, the developers now list the title as PC and next gen consoles.

Also, their other title that is currently being developed, Survivor, is listed a PS3 and Xbox360/PC.

power of Green 5215d ago (Edited 5215d ago )

We have to assume comming to consoles means all platforms, some do use consoles generally speaking even more so with a company in the PC market.

The title Survivor is "clearly listed vs the undecided looking Sabotage.

NoUseMerc5215d ago (Edited 5215d ago )

Well last year it said Xbox 360 and PC. However now, its been changed to "PC and next gen consoles." I could be wrong, but it sounds as though development has moved to multiplatform.

Seeing as how its being published by Gamecock, I am sure we'll get more details on it when it is shown at EIEIO later this year.

power of Green 5215d ago

NOUSEMERC is that you posting these PSU posts?.

Skerj5215d ago

I remember this game, it dropped off the radar for quite a while. Funny thing is the only two WWII related games I've ever cared about are synonymically related, Saboteur and Sabotage.