New Rainbox Six PSP screens impress

Whilst we've been busy giving the Playstation 3 a kicking recently – and at the slightest excuse too – Sony's PSP has been quietly going about the business of turning itself into quite the dapper little (okay, not so little) handheld.

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Deceased5911d ago

Sony should just give up on the PS3, the PSP has better graphics anyway.

specialguest5911d ago (Edited 5911d ago )

wow, you're really shaping up to be the next hardcore fanboy lately huh? tell me something, do you purposely seek out Sony related articles/news just to be the first to bash it? keep it up Spanky...

Sphinx5911d ago

...too bad the PSP's controls are so whack.

specialguest5911d ago

this game looks really good for a PSP title. the devs custom designed and reworked the control issue to better suit the PSP. it's gonna be interesting to see how this reworked control system will work.