> Nyko Intercooler 360 Achieves Record Breaking Sales

The Intercooler 360 - Nyko's new XBox 360 cooling accessory for extending game play – is generating massive interest amongst the XBox 360 community and achieving record-breaking sales in the UK following its launch at the beginning of August.

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Boink6274d ago

I don't know if this is something that MS would want them bragging about...hehe

Daewoodrow6274d ago

Everyone, take my advice here, don't buy this. It is loud, it makes your 360 PSU overheat, but above all else it's not needed. If you have a launch console, let it fail if it needs to and get it repaired for free. Consoles made after the first shipment don't really break down now. If you have a launch console and you get this, you'll only make your console last longer than the free warantee, so you'll have to pay when it breaks down.

T-Rac6274d ago

yeah im on my second but *touch wood* no problems and its quieter than my first one :S weirddddddd

BenzMoney6274d ago

Not only is this not needed, but it is also a flawed product! Go to the xbox forums (accessories section) and do a search and find out the horror stories of these things melting the power prongs of your console, shorting out, smoking, etc. THEY ARE JUNK. Don't buy one - they simply aren't necessary (and there's a good chance they'll destroy your otherwise fine 360).

Lucidmantra6273d ago

funny I have had one on my consol,e for 6 months now and it works flawlessly. Weather it is required or not I invested the $20 to be safe.

I can goto any forum and say i got 3 peckers. It doesn't make it true does it?

The Power cord is really loose in the Intercooler unit though I will say that.