Star Wars Battlefront 3 to be made by Free Radical

CVG has gained an exclusive story that Lucas Arts have hired Timesplitters and Goldeneye developer Free Radical to develop the next in the incredibly succesful Star Wars Battlefront series. This is obviously fantastic news as the next Battlefront game could actually turn out to be half decent and worthy of the title of best selling Star Wars game ever.

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Sphinx6269d ago

Wait, it always has been... oh well, now there is another reason... this news makes up for Crackdown getting delayed.


Game Music Festival Vol. 5 sold out in record time

"The Game Music Foundation are today very proud and excited to announce the fifth edition of the universally acclaimed Game Music Festival has sold out in record time." - The Game Music Foundation.


15 Video Games With Realistic Injury Mechanics

Whether it's showcasing damage realistically or simulating fractures and conditions, these games are worth checking out.

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Games That Represent Mental Health Accurately

Clare from GL takes a look at the games that do a good job in accurately depicting mental health.

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