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Godchild10202199d ago

This game looks real good and the 30th can't come soon enough. The art work and the gameplay are amazing. This is a contender for Vita game of the year. I didn't know there were preorder bonuses.

TOGC2199d ago

Awesome game for the vita.

miyamoto2199d ago

For defying the status quo, this is the only AC i care about
Reminds me of Ayane in Tenchu

SandwichHammock2199d ago

I'll be honest. When they first showed this game I was a little under impressed due to what seemed like VERY stiff animation, especially in the fights.

This though, I'm impressed. Game has come a long way and I think I'll be picking it up. Hopefully it won't be marred by DLC bull, avoiding that "should've waited for the complete edition" regret.

Looking forward to a demo hopefully.

DivineAssault 2199d ago

This will be epic.. Im betting this will be the best game on vita by far.. The production value alone destroys even uncharted..

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