Gaming odyssey: Screen Play interviews Sakaguchi

Hironobu Sakaguchi's Lost Odyssey has hit Australian store shelves, and Screen Play was the only Australian journalist to be granted an interview with one of the industry's most influential and respected auteurs.

In this fascinating insight into Sakaguchi-san's aims for his new role playing opus, he explains how he wants to stir a player's emotions, even producing a "tear".

Sakaguchi co-founded role playing masters Square in 1983 and was the pioneering force behind the colossus that is the Final Fantasy franchise. He left in 2001 to start his own company Mistwalker with the financial backing of Microsoft, and has now produced two exclusive role playing games for the Xbox 360 - last year's Blue Dragoon and now Lost Odyssey.

Penned by an award-winning Japanese novelist in conjunction with Sakaguchi, Lost Odyssey is a traditional and epic Japanese role playing game following the story of the immortal Kaim.

The full interview is via the link below...

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DarkSniper4054d ago

Final Fantasy has been a much better series since Sakaguchi left Square Enix. His taste in poor-design shows with the current heap of garbage known as Lost Fraudyssey.


abcd4053d ago

"Final Fantasy has been a much better series since Sakaguchi left Square Enix"

Final Fantasy XII = worst Final Fantasy game I’ve ever played

Dark Sniper4054d ago

Dark Sniper simply cannot wait for Final Fantasy XIII to come out, as that garbage heap of a game is sure to finally convince all the Waitstation3 owners of the inferiority of their movie player, and to hopefully make the switch to the superior XBOX 360 gaming and entertainment console.


Jigsaw-4054d ago

lot odyssey is at least original,ff 13 is tiresome garbage,ff 12 sucked and the series has ever since he left. you are probably a grill movie player flop 3 owner.

ThaGeNeCySt4054d ago

lol anytime i see that picture, i think of the phrase "Your gonna get raped"

other than that, good interview.. i wonder what unannounced games he has up his sleeve... can't wait to try LO for myself.