TGS 06 Phil Harrison Video Interview Part 1

Sony's Phil Harrison gives us an insight to the online strategy of their soon to be released system.

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PS3 Ultimate4996d ago

Welp, one thing's for sure. This is going to be unbelievable! The PLAYSTATION 3 will be taking over!

Bebedora4996d ago

When they get the ball rollin' it (PS3) will rock.

Retard4996d ago

Didn't even realize Phil had a British accent.

Antan4996d ago

"British Accent" This i pressume is why you are called Retard?

USMChardcharger4996d ago (Edited 4996d ago )

i hate to offened you. but if you are going to call yourself "retard" how about you not use the american flag as your pic. use a picture of yourself.

no one freak out on me. i am sure any one from another country would not want their flag next to such a name as well.

also dusty...i would think that name is not with in your forum rules. i am sure anyone with a family member in that condition would be offened.

CAPS LOCK4995d ago

thats what i like he got straight to the point and told the truth, phil ur my main man, the ps3 online is sounding better and better, i hope it is lagg free though.