Confirmed: Rainbow Six NOT delayed until March

Ubisoft UK has contacted 360 Gamer to quell any fears that Rainbow Six: Vegas on Xbox 360 had been pushed back in Europe to March 2007. In what's considered as a "miscommunication" they were told that the only version of R6:V that will be delayed is the one for PlayStation 3.

So, just so we're all clear, Rainbow Six: Vegas on Xbox 360 is still coming out in Europe this November.

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Deceased5905d ago

The Ps3 version is deelayed. To difficult and expensive to code for, this is a perfect example of the 360 being easier to develop for, which means developers will be able to tap the power alot faster.

skoda5905d ago (Edited 5905d ago )

Im guessing the delay to the ps3 version is due to the ps3 not being released in europe until next year. the story doesn't really mention the US release date.
Glad its out on the 360 before chirstmas though!