Surfer Girl: Star Wars, CoD5, Mass Effect PC

In her latest post Surfer Girl says that Disney has some sort of title "inspired" by Rock Band. She also talks about Disney's Wii Balance Board game, the Wii version of Call of Duty 5, the PC version of Mass Effect, Star Wars Galaxies and about the Star War MMO.

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Shaka2K65097d ago

Pls tell me it aint so.

' ' Mass Effect PC ' '

xbug 3rd60 losing exclusive games to PC and PS3 lmao.
xbois kill your selfs.

360_Rules5097d ago

Mass Effect never on the PSC3. Enjoy that dumbsh$t PSfools. Oh and Mass Effect on PCs about the time the second one is on the 360! Bahahhahahhahha!!!!!

cloud360-7th_account5097d ago

Another game coming to PC !!!!!!!!

JsonHenry5097d ago

With the John Edwards and Barack Obama campaign stickers at the top and her obvious distaste for Religion of any kind really is a turn off for me. I hope she doesn't think I am gonna fall for her even though she is whispering sweet, sweet, gaming rumors in my ear.

Charlie26885097d ago

"Mass Effect will be hitting the PC with bonus content included late this year/early next year"

ZOMG NO way! if she didn't posted I would have NEVER guessed it!

/end sarcasm

considering before the game was ever released on the 360 the devs already made some hints of an inevitable PC version (which they later realized and denied) and considering Biowares history this is a no brainer...its almost painful to see someone pass this as a insiders info

but hey obvious or educated guesses generates popularity and apparently credibility! so guess on!

BlazinEurasian5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

All Bioware games come to PC. Bottom line. Next time Bioware releases a console exclusive game keep this in mind.

meepmoopmeep5097d ago

if 360 games continue with this PC port tradition i might not buy a 360.. what's the point?

sonarus5097d ago

well i used to be a pc gamer mostly but gradually i moved on to console gaming its nice to have a console so you knw its jst for gaming then not having to upgrade graphics cards and bla bla

ElementX5097d ago

Because although you get higher resolutions on a PC, you still have to pay more for a gaming PC than a 360.

Exhaust5097d ago

You were just looking for way to shoehorn in a dig at the 360

i Shank u5097d ago (Edited 5097d ago )

of you posting that? the reasons to get a 360 are there; if you dont want one, dont get one.

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EZCheez5097d ago

When is Bible Man hitting the PS3?!

"Never leave home without the full armour of God."

I'm ready to layeth the smite down.

SlyGuy5097d ago

Yeah it looks like Bible Man has multiplayer too!

Better yet, no need for split-screen! YAY! I like the Michael Jackson style video-game.

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The story is too old to be commented.