Painting on wall of Modern Warfare 2 toilet upsets Muslims

"Activision's developers have aggravated the Muslim community by hanging a painting above a toilet in Modern Warfare 2.

The painting has holy teachings written around its frame. "Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty," the text is reported to have read.

Apparently the presence of holy teachings in a place of number-ones and twos does not sit well with Islam. So Activision has pulled the Favela map out of rotation and will return it when edits have been made."

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Mr-Dude2294d ago

Nothing new, they are always upset about something...

Now they are upset about a game, wich is like nearly 3 years old and a little picture WHO nobody looks at...

Talk about nitpicking...

MEsh3L2294d ago

Muslims do get upset about these kind of things that hurt their religion, if you don't care about it then that's your problem !

I'm proud to be one of them :)

Yi-Long2294d ago

... the vast majority just shrugs their shoulders.

MacDonagh2294d ago

That's nice MEsh3L. You seem to be in favour of this editing out of a picture frame that nobody has spotted for 3 years because it offends your religion? If so, why is it okay to shoot people? Isn't it a bad idea to support a franchise that is borderline jingoistic?

bubblebeam2294d ago


You can leave your beliefs to yourself. I'm not going to start bad mouthing youre religion, that is YOUR own personal choice, but this is too far.

The way I see it, is this game was made in a non-muslim country, so its YOUR PROBLEM.

I am not religious by the way. How would everyone like it if you got fined for using the Christians name in vain? Or for making a joke about Jewish people?

Again, not religious, not trying to single you out, but to me it seems Muslims are too sensitive. Very pushy. Imagine if Christians, Buddhists, Jewish people started riots and killed INNOCENT PEOPLE over small things. I know this is on a smaller scale, but this in violation of freedom of speech and expression.

Don't like it? Too bad.

Hellsvacancy2294d ago

Muslims a picture frame

Wow, thats incredible, its ok to simulate killing, but no ok to put a picture in the bathroom

"Why so sensitive?"

FunAndGun2294d ago

How does it hurt their religion?

If you are strong in your religion, it shouldn't matter what anyone around you thinks about it or says about it.

What a tragic life to always be on the edge of throwing a temper tantrum because someone offends something you believe in; how exhausting.

bloodybutcher2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

so it upsets your religion by having positive things written on the frame?ok,ok...
@ bubblebeam: sooo,do you think Christians never killed innocent people over sth small,eh?:)

mewhy322294d ago

Wow. I think that this "offended" muslim thing is getting waaaaaaaaaay out of hand. If you're offended by a game then......don't buy it..Wow there's a novel idea. Boycott it. Don't kill people and blow shit up!!! We don't live in the 3rd century anymore this kind of behavior is not acceptable the world over. If They want people to come to their religion then I can safely say that they're turning the entire non-muslim world population against them. Tolerance, peace,love, what happened to those teachings??????????????????

nix2294d ago

man.. i hate these extremist... you'll find them in every religion. hindu, muslim, christian. haven't heard of buddhist extremists yet...

NewMonday2294d ago

why would a developer go thru the pain of digitally draw religious text hide it in a frame and then put it in a toilet

who puts a framed painting in a toilet anyway


it's not gaming but episodes of the Anime Harlock had to be redrawn because the bad guys had a symbol resembling the star of David

anyone gets upset if something they care about is offended, and others don't care because it doesn't matter to them, unless they value the idea of mutual respect

Septic2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )


Of course Muslims have a right to feel upset. Who you are to suggest that they shouldn't be? Sad to see your silly blanket statement getting 31 agrees.

" a little picture WHO nobody looks at..."

Obviously someone looked at the pic, hence the complaint. And its a complaint that has been brought to IW's attention.

Incidentally, the Witcher 2 also had an Islamic painting, in a brothel..... kind of makes you wonder. The developers did release an update as soon as this was brought to their attention.

Respect to IW for working on this.

Funnily enough, my mates and I were playing MW2 yesterday and were wondering why Favela wasn't coming up.


Who says they are extremists? Muslims complained because they have every right to do so. Also, you have never heard of extremist Buddhists? Maybe you should draw your attention to the spate of Muslim killings amounting to genocide in Burma that have been occurring as recently as two months ago.

This shouldn't have happened in the first place but at least IW are working on it.

Razmossis2294d ago

"Peace out" ?

Ironic, lol

MikeMyers2294d ago

The painting has holy teachings written around its frame. "Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty,"

How is that offensive?

I'm sure if there was a stack of Playboy magazines by the toilet someone would complain about that too.

omi25p2294d ago

A picture tells a thousand words.

doogiebear2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

@ Mesh3l:

The West should withdraw every facet of it's civilized world, away from the muslims. In fact, Democracy is considered evil according to Islam, because it is not compliant with Sharia Law (The law of the Koran which considers all other forms of government as "man-made", which is forbiden by muslims). We (Westerners) should no longer allow our citizens to create businesses there, block all of our websites from running in the mid east, ban the export of any and all of our products and art forms (books, films, games, etc), and no longer rely on your oil. Those strong sanctions alone will have the entire middle east in a frenzy. Want to live in the dark ages? By all means! The West cant offend your people if your people have no means of interraction with our country, art forms, or media (even online). Yes, make your own N4G websites too. Make your own videogames. Enjoy. Israel had recently discovered that it had enough Shale Oil in the West Bank to make even Saudie Arabia's supply look like a kiddie pool. So when the West decides to turn off the lights of the Middle Eastern Muslim community, THEN you will wish things were as the way they were before. Even now, there is mass rioting in Iran because of the sanctions we imposed there. In just the last 2 weeks, the price of food rose so astronomically that people cant afford milk and chicken in Iran. The Iranian banks are in a frenzy, and the Iranian currency inthat 2 weeks fell to a great low. But you muslims should celebrate!! This is what you wanted right? Now you can all live in a world of your own totalitarian rules, where no westerner can ever upset you again or your dead "prophet". Enjoy the sanctions.

Hanilugtehul2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

how can a picture in a game hurt your religion, thats just crazy talk imo. Peace:-)

Septic:you upset me, can you please erase your n4g profil?

KMCROC2294d ago Show
guitarded772294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Insulted Muslims insult my belief in free speech and artistic expression, yet I don't cry about it.

gta28002294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

"Muslims do get upset about these kind of things that hurt their religion"

Oh is that a fact? Then why don't they get angry with all all those Muslim extremists who strap bombs to them selves and kill innocent people in the name of Islam? I never see any any type of protests or outrage when that happens. But the second someone makes a joke about Mohammed or Allah they want someones blood. The extremists is who they should be angry with. It's those people who make Islam look bad.

Septic2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )


What a load of complete nonsense you've typed out. I hope that all your agrees are from multiple accounts as opposed to the sentiment on here because if it is the latter, then it is a sad reflection on the community that comprises n4g.

Democracy is considered evil because of non-compliance with Islam? Where do you get this nonsense? Do you know that Islamic Law MANDATES Muslims to follow the rule of law in non-muslim countries (unless there is a gross breach which prevents you from practicing Islam).

You then cite so-called Israeli oil reserves as a sign of hope? What a laughable statement even if it is true. You think Israel, a state that constantly flouts UN law and breaches human rights heart will be a great partner? Complete nonsense.

You make uneducated assumptions about Muslims and then purport to make it seem as if Muslims are preventing freedom of speech? Hold on a minute; you used Israel in a positive light- what about the fact that merely expressing Holocaust denial is a criminal act in Israel? What about several European countries that prevent it on the grounds of anti-semitism? But oh no, if Muslims dare protest, freedom of speech trumps their hurt feelings right? Complete hypocrisy and double standards. (I don't deny the events of the Holocaust before another bigot on here tries to make that point).

What has landed the biggest trouble? The Banking System. For those people of understanding and knowledge, they will know where the true origins of the system lie and how stupid your statements are. Look for former President Andrew Jackson's famous statement on the matter to understand.


"Oh is that a fact? Then why don't they get angry with all all those Muslim extremists who strap bombs to them selves and kill innocent people in the name of Islam? "

Are you stupid? Who have died more as a result of terrorist attacks and suicide bombings? Muslims or Non-Muslims? Answer that question. These terrorists are even attacking Muslims praying in mosques.

There are 1.5 BILLION Muslims in the world. Where has there been a protest against terrorism in general? There hasn't because terrorism is so clearly abhorrent and wrong. The vast majority of Muslims are law abiding citizens. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a bigot and an un-educated fool. But have you even bothered to try and research Muslim sentiments or are you content with swallowing whatever nonsense Fox News feed you? There have been a MULTITUDE of lectures and debates held against terrorism and the like. What is the biggest Islamic channel called? Peace TV.

Its sad to see what kind of moronic sentiments are being posted on here and agreed with. Ironically, it goes to show these people's lack of tolerance and understanding.

PurpHerbison2294d ago

This is why religion is counter productive.

Awesome_Gamer2294d ago

I'm a practising muslim, and i don't care to be honest, it's just a video game..

lastdual2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )


I agree that the majority of Muslims are not extremists, but the moderates could definitely do a better job of putting the radical elements in their place.

Radical Christian groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church get routinely ridiculed and marginalized by mainstream Christians. If moderate Muslims want to be taken seriously, they need to do the same.

Moreover, Islamic nations need to embrace freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. Any modern nation still having laws against blasphemy and apostacy is just plain absurd.

TopDudeMan2294d ago

I don't get it, how is that offensive? Maybe the fictional man who fictionally owns that house likes to fictionally sit on the toilet and fictionally reflect on the teachings of his faith.

Is that not his right to hang up a religious painting in his own bathroom?

Ares84HU2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Some people are so ignorant......

DragonKnight2294d ago

Has any of you who are "pro-complaints" ever considered the possibility that there are people out there who purposely go out of their way to look for stuff to complain about so that they can feel powerful when it gets removed due to racial, sexual, or religious insensitivity? I would bet REAL money that the person who found this is one of those people. Who honestly can get upset over stuff like this and call themselves a human? Seriously. You have nothing better to complain about than blurred writing in a video game that's 3 years old? Writing that it took you a concerted effort to actually find? Really? *sigh*

Thatlalala2294d ago

The fact remains you can buy a Jesus bobblehead, a bong in the shape of Buddha, and nobody that follows those religions freak out. Then you expect the world to stop and change because of your religious beliefs? Get over it.

Christopher2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

***Muslims do get upset about these kind of things that hurt their religion***

While I understand being upset at how others may show disrespect for what you hold dear, their doing as such does not hurt one's religion.

American flags are burned every day by people who protest against soldiers and they feel pain over it as it is a symbol for the country they fight to defend as best as they can, but the mass majority of them know that burning one flag doesn't change who they are, what they do, or why they do it (it actually empowers them).

Bibles and crosses are burned all the time, and is very often portrayed in movies, but that doesn't change one's faith or believe in God (or the Holy Trinity).

The problem with some people is that they believe that everyone should follow their religious tenets and that if anyone doesn't that they are personally ridiculing them, their religion, and that it somehow changes their belief. It's not so. That's akin to saying that if someone eats your birthday cake, you don't get to grow up.

Edit: I would like to note that I did chuckle when the person in the video said that "millions of people" were offended by this. I find that extremely hard to believe. It's the same hyperbole that religious fanatics use to try and turn an ant hill into a mountain. I support his claim that it is disrespectful, I support his right to demand an apology, and his right to make the video. I also support Activision's right to not have to respond to it or apologize for it.

LAZL0-Panaflex2294d ago are the man! Bubbles +

knowyourstuff2294d ago

I've seen the painting, there's no writing on it, it's all pixellated.

Besides, if a painting on a wall offends you, you've got some serious mental issues. As previously stated most sane muslims couldn't care less.

Dee_912294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

how about u not play the game .. your religious you shouldnt be playing this game anyway.
eh what ever
as long as they are bringing it back I thought it was gone for good.

It is weird that IW put that in there tho...

TENTONGUN2294d ago Show
MEsh3L2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

thank you for your kind replies guys ... but you are missing the point ...!
the holy teachings are written in a bathroom that's all i'm talking about.

you want to tell me it's not meant to be like that ? com'n, islam is always targeted in every way possible .even in a game !!

I'm not perfect and no one is , we can get upset about it and send a message to IW to fix it , this is democracy :)

Read Read Read about islam " the real islam " don't just insult Muslims like that .

are you following Jesus and Moses teachings ? then you are one step closer to islam .

thank you again

mt2294d ago

be proud MEsh3L that is how Muslims be, always protect your religion.
others religion don't care about their religion if you ask me some people just under a religion by a name only and they know noting about that religion.

360ICE2293d ago Show
Septic2293d ago

I'm actually genuinely disappointed by the reaction and sentiments by many on here.

It is so ironic that you are critiquing Muslims for their so-called intolerance and then a cursory glance at the comments on here show a complete lack of understanding and hate filled vitriol loosely dressed up as logic. ANd all this this has arisen from one, or a handful of users who merely brought IW's insensitive handling of of a subject matter to their attention.

The poor chap who made the featured video even says that it wasn't his intention to get the map removed- he (like myself) wanted clarification as to why the picture with Islamic wording is placed SPECIFICALLY above a toilet. Is this just a horrible mistake?

And its shocking to see people like donbear get mass agrees and bubbled up- have you read his other posts below? If anything, those are bordering on fanatical Christian musings- this chap is talking about how Muslims should get out of the West, how everyone should sever ties with Muslims and translating Biblical scriptures with his own silly interpretations insulting Muslims. Honestly, who are the ones making the knee jerk reactions now?

THIS is precisely the kind of ignorance and hatred that led to the persecution of the Jews during WW2.

Look at it again- its just a video of a gamer saying he's disappointed in IW's poor placement of Islamic references (which doesn't even make any contextual sense in a Favela anyway).

People saying things like 'they are always upset about something' just goes to show how little these people know/interact with Muslims.

No one is rioting over this, no one is screaming asking for blood to split. We're just disappointed that's all. Yet many on here are agreeing with and making stupid bigoted statements that generalise about a big chunk of the human populace. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

And laughably, people always comment on here critiquing COD players for being racist and intolerant bigots- yet over here, for an issue that affects Muslims and has been peacefully brought to the attention of the developers, many on here are making sweeping statements and generalising on the Muslim populace. But you know what, you're all right- how dare Muslims feel upset about this right?

Its a sad day for N4G- the kind of ignorance and intolerance shown on here is ironically similar to the ones the Muslim minority displayed over that stupid Youtube video.

Anyway- Salaam to all. It means 'peace' by the way so pitchforks down.

SilentNegotiator2293d ago

So.....religious scripture is offensive if it's written on a painting in a virtual bathroom?

I can't understand the logic at all. Probably because there is none involved.

TheoreticalParticle2293d ago

omi25p: "A picture tells a thousand words."

And some of those words are lies. Einstein wasn't an atheist.

"You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious indoctrination received in youth. I prefer an attitude of humility corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and of our own being."

Nor was Lincoln, nor Ben Franklin, nor Thomas Jefferson.

Just because they weren't Christian doesn't automatically make them atheists.

guitarded772293d ago

@ MEsh3L

If you are offended, then have a personal boycott against IW, but I stand by my above comment, of freedom of speech and artistic expression. I will respect your right to have your religion, but people in general are not required to respect yours or others religion. You have the right to be offended, but others have the right to not care that you're offended. Many of us are sick of seeing innocents killed by people which are offended by every little thing. The person in the video sounds like a zealot, and that kind of over emotional zeal can be very dangerous among those who grow bitter over time. We don't have to like everything that people say or do, but as long as someone is not taking away our civil rights, there isn't too much to get in a fuss about.

AngryTypingGuy2293d ago

Colin Quinn had the best line about Muslims: "Don't let a few million bad apples spoil the whole bunch".

Supposedly, Islam is a peaceful religion. Now I do know some Muslims personally, and they are wonderful people. However there seems to be a large percentage of people who practice the religion whose mentality are stuck in the middle ages. I'm sorry but Sharia Law is outdated and barbaric.

shoddy2293d ago Show
MrAnderson2293d ago Show
AsimLeonheart2293d ago

Hey guys, stop arguing and fighting especially my Muslim brothers. I am a Muslim as well and any practising Muslim will feel bad about that picture in the bathroom because we do not hang verses of sacred scriptures in bathroom. It is considered disrespectful to read or display religious texts in a toilet. Cultures and people are different and when different people live together they have to care for each other if they want to co-exist. All the nations and cultures are part of a global community just like any local neighbourhood community. When people live in communities they show mutual respect and concern for each other's physical and emotional well-being. Such a community cannot survive where its members consistently hurt or offend each other. Dont you guys care for each other's feelings and well-being in your local neighbourhoods and communities? Sometimes even if you hate someone you cannot say it outright because of the backlash. Can you call your neighbour or someone passing by a motherfxxcker or axxhole in the name of freedom of speech without getting punched in the face or at least getting an angry response? The same goes on a global and international scale. Each nation and culture has its own set of likes and dislikes and if nations want to co-exist and benefit from each other then they have to respect and care for each other. Things do not work out between two people when one keeps offending the other.
All of the above explanation means that freedom of speech exists within a limit. Freedom of speech means the right to speak the truth or one's opinion. It does not means mocking, ridiculing or offending others. Such a use is actually an abuse of the right of freedom of speech and it is not productive in any way except for having some cheap short-term fun or gratification. In the long term such insensitivity, arrogance and lack of concern only leads to straining of relationships and disruption of peace. I have tried to explain rationally and politely so I hope at least some people understand. We Muslims do not hate "People of the Book" (Jews and Christians) especially the Christians. Allah says in the Holy Quran that Muslims will find Christians to be friendlier towards Muslims as compared to other nations. Even the term used "People of the Book" is kind of respectful. The problem is that very few Muslims actually read or study Islam, Quran and Hadith so they do not know what God has told them to do and how to behave. They just act and behave based on their personal opinions or on the preachings of corrupt or illiterate clerics who do not even themselves know the religion in detail. Sometimes they twist the meaning of sacred scriptures and at other times they just ignore doctrines that are not in line with their own preconceptions just to maintain their loyal following and position of power. Moreover, there are a lot of false rumours and lies going around about Muslims and Islam which cause hate among foreign nations like we beat our wives, or kill rape victims or oppress women. On the contrary, some time back in my neigborhood, an angry wife was throwing bricks at her husband and the poor guy was just like "Honey wait, honey listen." Everyone in the neighbourhood was trying to calm her down and help the poor husband. LOL! The fact is stranger than fiction or rumours/news in the case of Muslims. I really want non-Muslims to understand Islam and Muslims. I would be so glad to explain anything about Islam if someone asked with an honest and serious intention.

snp2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

All of the above explanation means that freedom of speech exists within a limit. Freedom of speech means the right to speak the truth or one's opinion. It does not means mocking, ridiculing or offending others.

Wrong. It absolutely means mocking, ridiculing and offending others are on as well. Of course, there's cause and effect - if you're doing these things to someone intellectually or otherwise incapable of a verbal response, you'll have to consider how they will likely respond. It doesn't mean these things are off the cards, though.

Not every useful development comes from polite people or polite situations. And not every internal challenge comes to an individual from another personality in the exact way they may want it to. To expect or demand it's so is childishness (of the individual, or the group). If you're easily stirred the trick is to look within and ask why you're nervous system is so vulnerable/shaky to externals (words). The more grown up it is - you are - the more genuinely firm in your beliefs you are (as opposed to externally theatrical you are) the less you'll rage at this stuff.

Work out what's holding you back. There's no good for a mass to be standing out on a beam over a gorge demanding the world - into perpetuity - create no 'strong winds' via free speech (or even soft winds). It's an outrageous demand, a uniquely childish demand, and an impractical one besides, especially with 6 billion people in the world - which means 6 billion personalities and ethical systems.

There's simply no way of muffling this many people so 'you' don't ever have to feel certain things (even if the demand wasn't self-evidently grotesque and destructive - to the freedom of others, and frankly to your own development).

Kurylo3d2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

u know the problem with this is that its an insult to another culture. Its like running up to a black person and calling him a nigger and especting not to get punched in the face. Expecting him to honor your freedom of speech.

This is racism pure and simple. In the old days it acceptable to be racist toward black people. Now its just hidden away. But today its more exceptable to be racist and intolerant of muslims. Why? Because fox news and right wing biggots feel the need to bash anything that is not Christian. Its a sad fucking thing. It offends their culture.

I think the real question is... why the hell is this painting in a map like favela? Muslims don't even live in favela as far as I could tell. Wrong location on the planet. Seems to me that the artist who made this level did it purposely. So the real conversation shouldn't be "fuck the muslims and their need for respect" It should be "fuck the developer for allowing this shit". Im not a muslim either, and to be honest Jesus Christ would be ashamed of all these so called "Christians".

I can understand if in the story the guy who owned the house was racist against muslims, but this placement made no sense and had no value.. it was purely to be a dick and make a statement.

Christopher2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

***All of the above explanation means that freedom of speech exists within a limit. Freedom of speech means the right to speak the truth or one's opinion. ***

Not in most countries, actually.

Beastforlifenoob2293d ago

I am muslim as well, but I dont care to be offended by something like this ESPECIALLY if it is in a game Like MW2 with people killing people, I wouldnt take offense to something so small. Also I wonder if this rule goes to the virtual aspect asweel (i.e no one technically poops there)

FriedGoat2293d ago

Offending another culture? WHO CARES. This is OUR culture not theirs. If they don't like what we do, Don't play our games, don't come into our countries and tell us that we are wrong, If you don't like it, go home to your third world where you can happily kill eachother and live in blissful ignorance.

Kurt Russell2293d ago

I'm sorry but religion should have sway on absolutely nothing... It should change nothing, if anything the religious should be sectioned under the mental health act, as to believe in any religion what-so-ever is completely preposterous and detrimental to society. You've got to be INSANE to believe in men in clouds and that other hocus pocus, whilst EVIDENCE has been formed to prove all of it a load of bollocks, and NO EVIDENCE has ever existed to prove it isn't.

WonderboyIII2293d ago

I am a muslim too and to quote from a hadeeth and hide it in a picture frame is very intentional of a hate hidden in a high resolution gaming world. Now if I was a Jew I would call it antisemtism and move masses of media and legal powers against you, but I am not. I remember that the witcher 2 had a praying mat in a brothel as a texture. I spotted it and quitely sent them a message to fix it. They did in a patch. They have my respect. Nothing wrong with respect in both directions right?

AsimLeonheart2293d ago

Did you even read the "productive" word?? How is pissing others off productive? You guys want the freedom to offend people, kill people and attack countries. You only think for yourselves, your pleasures and your needs. Cultural difference man... cultural difference. You guys are jut too self-centred, selfish, self-righteous and arrogant. We on the other hand are more concerned about what will happen to others because of our actions. Western cultures are individualistic and eastern cultures are collective. Keep in mind that people like you only last until they have the power because as long as they have power they piss everyone off and when they loose power they get crushed. Your arrogance is only because your nation is a superpower but it wont be forever. It will suffer the same fate as the Egyptian, Roman, Persian, Ottoman, Mongol and British empires. Because of your such behaviour you give rise to animosity among other cultures and that is why you people are called "ugly Americans" in the rest of the world.

snp2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Did you even read the "productive" word?

An anarchists view of the word 'productive' differs from, say, a conservatives. There is no objective use of that word all 6 billion temprements on this world would agree upon. It's pointless.

Start trying to shoe-horn everyone to fit one mold under threat of violence from one or another group if topic x or y are approached, or approached in this or that way... we've got a serious problem.

How is pissing others off productive?

If nothing else its productive in terms of showing a very dark problem of just how easily offended some folks are and what lengths they'll go to once they've assumed this offense (offense can only be assumed). Job done. Next step is to find a fix for this arrested development. These folks who think the world outside their heads shouldn't be allowed to 'offend' them.

Honestly, personally i've got no interest in 'pissing off' anyone. But that's my choice. My nature. My voice. Nor am i easily 'pissed off' by others. I'm happy to say or hear anything in an world of open and free ideas - and any and every real world test for those ideas (be it pleasant or edgy).

Cultural difference man... cultural difference.

Nope, doesn't wash. If the world was completely disconnected, maybe.. But access to western developments of this past centuries necessitates respect and ownership of the values that come with those developments and made those developments possible.

Free speech is and has been essential in making our modern psychology/technology/lifestyl e - perks enjoyed by humans everywhere to varying extents.

I'll put all your other shots aside except to say that i'm not American. Nor am i religious or anti-religious for that matter. 'Culture' means little to me. If something is of value it can withstand any challenge/attack (however you want to frame it).

Whatever is real with stand, whatever isn't wont. There are many beautiful things that i'm sure can survive any test which would come under 'culture' (including Islamic). But they've gotta be able to stand on their own two feet.

I don't see Islamics, Christians, Atheists... I see humans. Life first, then humans.

The Madonna and the the Whore isn't a way of life to me or the epitome of male/female interactions. Frankly, it's a regressive psycho-sexual complex more in need of Freud than a shrine. Psychology - truth - trumps someone else's 'cultural' beliefs.

Some would see that statement as an 'attack' and demand it not be made. I see it as my truth, and i'm open to challenge.

Death_Grin482292d ago

You're proud that your people kill each other every day for some dead messenger guy? You're proud that your people kill women because they don't do everything that they're told? You're proud that your people kill innocents to please their mighty ruler into bringing them to its magic fairy tale land with 70 slave virgins and be perverts forever? Sacred and peaceful enough...

It doesn't matter what your book says, it's how people use it to their liking. It's not sacred. The whole world is suffering because of your people. The idea of having them in my country, trying to change the way we live into their liking makes me sick.

There will never be world peace, but in order to have a better future, the idea of "Allah" either needs to go or stay in Egypt where it belongs.

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Blastoise2294d ago

I find it funny how the guy had to equip a sniper just to zoom into the blurred writing.

I've played this game since 2009 and I never noticed it. Seriously is this really that big a deal?

And on another note, where the heck do Infinity ward get these images from?!

jerethdagryphon2294d ago

the immages quotes and all sorts are most likly aquired from the internet , it wouldnt have been done to offend anyone.

some art person was told they needed 100 paintings and frames for the game, so he found paintings shrunk them down applied filters and stuck them as a normal map over a group of polygons as seperate assets.

then the level designer makes the map and decorates it with props from the assets collection.

a picture of a tree in the bathroom ok, fair enough its relaxing right...

except he finds out down the line that the unique frame is actually religious text, he looks it up and finds its non offensive , say it said god loves us all, (christian references to avoid offence)... hes relieved because whatever it says is non offensive.

then some diligent person notices the picture and zoom in to have a closer look.... and here we are.

M_Prime2293d ago

what gets me is he says he loves

MW1, MW2 and MW3, so he already bought the next game and played it. I am guessing he was bored and needed youtube hits.

FriedGoat2293d ago

Guns offend me, we should take them out too.

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doogiebear2294d ago

Yeah i'm sick of the the fact that so many Islamic fundamentalists expect the west to bend over backwards for them everytime they get offended. But it is no surprise, seeing how they think they should be able to force the world to follow their own laws on religion (known as Sharia Law). Look up "Walid Shoebat Mark of the Beast" on youtube. If your a Christian, you'll be surprised by what you see. If your not, then you'll probably just think it's all nonsense. Either way, I just thought I'd put it out there.

It's not Islamophobia...It's Islamo-realism.

Yardie2294d ago

Unfortunately, when they complain, companies do bend over backwards.

Comedy central bleeped out the prophet mohammed in a couple of south park episodes.

media molecule had to take down a positive muslim song in lbp.

and it seems infinity ward is editing this trivial detail.

doogiebear2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

This just in, from the religion of "peace":

Today, a 14 year old was shot in the head because muslims were offended that she was advocating for education rights of little girls. Then a statement was released by the villains, saying that the fact that she is secular (non religious) was an added bonus as to why she was shot.

Since we're on the topic of things muslims get upset about, I thought I would share todays event. Meanwhile, in the Asian muslim Nation of Indonesia, a man was flogged (whipped harshly) because he was playing a game of dominoes. I wonder what would happen if they found out about these muslims playing video games (who also enjoy things that are forbidden in Islam: such as music, musical instruments, pork, sports, and non-Islamic complient politics--all of which can land one in jail, or even a death sentence).

This happened today. The link is below.

Kid shot in head:

Dominoes story:

gta28002294d ago

Complaints for now. Till the "Death to America" Radicals hear about this and it becomes the next excuse for them to burn American flags over and want some Americans head on a stick.

N4realGMRZ2294d ago

I have been a Gamer for roughly 30 years. I am also a muslim...complaing about something like this is trivial, however i did play this and i did notice what they did...This is why Muslims get upset......its not because of what is on the painting...its because the people who put the painting exactly where it is knew it would be offensive....the insensitivity is what upsets muslims.....Muslims would never put any of the holy scriptures in a shit infested bathroom.......again its simply because these guys know its offensive but still decide to do it out of spite that upsets the muslims.....A good muslim though would simply shrug and shake his head....not fall into the anger trap they have spitefully created.....these images are absolutely trying to cause a hateful rift....the best way to voice our protest is by simply never buying there games if only killing arabs wasnt enough in all of these military crud games...Halo 4 it is.

DragonKnight2294d ago

You really think that people who are spending millions of dollars and time to make games are going to purposely do something like this out of spite? Talk about arrogance. Have you considered the possibility that it was in fact a Muslim designer that did this? Have you considered that there are members of every religion in the world that can't stand the religion they are a part of? I suppose what I just said could lend credence to your argument that it was placed there out of spite, but I still maintain that that attitude is the height of arrogance. As if anyone actually cares enough to go through that kind of detail just to piss off some Muslim gamers. If they really wanted to do that, it would be far more obvious.

jerethdagryphon2294d ago

first i have no issues with anyone of any religion.
however the idea of it being done delibertly to offend is unlikely

to prove that it was deliberate you would have to have the texture artist the map maker and the quality assurance all understand Islam to an fair extent and read arabic.

i dont read arabic when i saw that picture i did not see language i saw texture the painting is a small image with a canvas filter,

the people who make the levels have a set of assets. most bathrooms in homes have some sort of decoration to make things nice. they likly were told put up a few paintings to break up the walls.

no offense was intended im sure of it.

however because of media coverage and exposure company's and people will bend over backwards to avoid causing offense to Islamic people.

however i really dont think its done out of respect, i feel its more likely fear driving all of this pc nonsense.

expect people to show respect for your religion is fine, expecting them to know the ins and outs and make there lives businesses and policys conform for your faith is not,

N4realGMRZ2294d ago

@ DragonKnight........Yes i do think it was placed there on purpose.....otherwise where was the last time u have seen any holy Scripture in a bathroom? of any religon or culture? about my arragonce im sorry you feel that way.....i am offended by it the same way you would be offended by something that is dare to may not understand our ofence because the same does not offend you for your religon but i ask u this....why should i accept your notion of not being offended just because u are not? every culture is different my friend.....what u may find offensive i may not and vise verse.....there is a simple solution to understnading people of other cultures....its respect.

@ jerethdaryphon maybe your right maybe this wasnt done delibrtly .....and i do agree it wasnt ment to offend anyone that doesnt understand arabic but for those who does......

DragonKnight2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I wasn't calling you arrogant N4realGMRZ, I was calling the idea that someone (or many people) would take the time and money to hide an insult to the Islamic peoples of the world in a game arrogant. It doesn't make any sense. I'm sorry but it is a trivial thing to be upset about. Consider this, Allah is the omnipotent being those of the Islamic faith state created the universe and all things. Do you personally believe that an all-knowing and all-powerful being is concerned with a video game?

Here's another question. If someone walked up to you and said "I'm offended by the color black so kindly change your black shirt now." Are you telling me right here and now that you wouldn't find that to be a trivial, non-issue to be upset about? This "insult" went unnoticed for 3 years and took actual work to find. That says that someone was looking to be offended and was trying to exert power by claiming it was religiously insensitive. Not because of what was said, but because of where the painting was.

I will never understand how something like that, or something like having verses of the Quran in a LittleBigPlanet song can be insulting and offensive. When you see Christians buying those Jesus Bobbleheads mentioned here so they can put them in their car to celebrate their faith, do you ask why they aren't insulted by a Jesus Bobblehead?

The problem with taking offense to something like this is that the world takes offense to the smallest little things. It shows that you have too much time on your hands and a chip on your shoulder. If people would stop taking offense all the time, perhaps the human race would actually evolve.

mantisimo2294d ago

@ N4real

what utter twaddle you wrote "Yes i do think it was placed there on purpose.....otherwise where was the last time u have seen any holy Scripture in a bathroom? of any religon or culture?"

These are generic pictures seen throughout the game in many different places, all games repeat the images when needed and they will just have thought "OK the tree will look nice in the bathroom"

AND that is that. look at Uncharted 3 the same pictures crop up time and time again all over the world, they were just lucky they didn't choose a prerendered image of a muslim frame in the bathroom scene in their game!

Oh and Jesus lives on my bathroom wall I chat to him all the time, Sheesh!

You my friend have the intolerant racist attitude NOT the devs or the people disagreeing with you. Oh and this is not an alt account.

N4realGMRZ2293d ago

@ DragonKnight, the Omnipontent Allah isnt offended is he the one having a conversation with you? no! lol so u ask me to take into consideration things about my faith....this is great i will take your self implied knowladge about islam into problem isnt what God think my friend but how....I feel about it a problem now to be offended by something? im guessing you dont feel bad when Inmature inconsiderate muslims burn the American Flag...but ofcourse u will denie this......and you will say Americans dont complain about it...even though the media always points it out...God has nothing to do with this conversation my freind it it what I consider know the same way Denying the holocust ever existed is offensive many....i find people delibrtly mocking my faith offensive.....u fail to understand this because u live in a bubble...where you can only think in the way u put things into contex.....silly really.

@ Mantisimo....this isnt an alternate account? lol ok buddy. You can talk to Jesus all you want in your bathroom...i have no problems with that it dosnt bother you so therefore it dosnt bother me i respect that....can you do the same? or do u live in the same bubble like DragonKNight? by the way now that being offended means i have become an intolerant racist. did i offend you to be called a racist? if so how? the hypocrisy here is whats intolerable.

DragonKnight2293d ago

@N4realGMRZ: First, you should consider what Allah would or would not be offended by since he's your God. If He, an omnipotent being, has better things to think about than so should you. Second, I'm not American. Third, the American media is deliberately sensationalist to try and rile people up, it's not the same as the people getting upset on their own. Fourth, I never claimed any knowledge about your religion, I'm simply using common sense. Would you remove an article of clothing you are wearing because someone is offended by its color? The Holocaust is on a whole different level than what we're talking about. You can't compare Holocaust denial to pixelated and difficult to find Muslim sayings in video games. That's more arrogance.

People are far too sensitive in this world and it stems from a huge need for attention and/or validation. Being offended by this is of the same mentality as the most rabid fanboy on this site. It's pathetic and sad. It has no bearing on anyone's perception of Islam (as only those who can read Arabic would even know what it means) and it isn't serious enough to warrant threats and demands. It is like being offended that the sky is blue instead of green.

If you get offended by the smallest things, then life offends you.

rainslacker2293d ago

It's hard to believe that a big company would go out of their way to do something offensive like that. It's much more likely that the level designer didn't notice it, or maybe he was catholic and thought it made sense. I know several catholics that have the "footsteps" thing somewhere in their bathroom. It was an inspirational thing, just bad placement.

Shadowstar2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Are you for real? No one there was thinking "Ha! Those crazy Muslims, we'll really get them with this obscure painting on the wall!"

Many Christian bathrooms I've seen have religious iconography in some form in them-- picture of Jesus, quote from scripture, painting of a Saint... It's not part of the culture over here to think that these things shouldn't be in a bathroom. And let's face it, most people are not culturally aware enough to make such a subtle insult on purpose.