Dishonored Review: One of the greatest games of the generation | CVG

CVG: "A world of unparallel potential, married to a page-turning (button-pressing?) Orwellian tale of deception and redemption. Adventures this epic only come along once in a generation."

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TreMillz2205d ago

Its so amazing that fantastic games can be created early, midway, and late in the generation. I think this will be one of the last multiplatform swan songs for this gen along with AC3, and Bioshock Infinite.


Wow, big statement but I am glad to see it's getting the praise it deserves.

I just hope gamers support this game so we see more of it in future.

MikeMyers2205d ago

I agree, we need to support new ip's.

Campy da Camper2204d ago

Agreed! I am always on the look out for the next relationship breaking game. Infamous did it but the sex wasn't that good, anyway....

josephayal2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Best game 2012

jd6662205d ago

Most people will rent this if anything with Assassins creed 3, Far Cry 3 and NFS Most Wanted due out!

Kenjifirera2205d ago

Can't wait till tomorrow starts!!!!