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IGN: "Open-ended gameplay, a memorable world and incredible aesthetics make Dishonored one of the year's most refreshing experiences."

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Bigpappy2199d ago

Not a bad start for a game that just just being blasted by some unknown preview sites. Refreshing is a good word. Now send me the demo so I can judge for myself please.

zgoldenlionz2199d ago

This game looks too damn good to care what review scores it gets, I'm going to be playing this as soon as it shows up in the mail.

guitarded772199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

I can't wait to play this game. After I saw the GTTV episode where Dishonored was the focus of the show, I was sold. An original new IP with solid gameplay, a great story and cool environments... this game could be the next Bioshock.

EDIT: Haha... made my Bioshock comparison before watching the review. Eerie.

bmw692199d ago

Been reading up on it all morning, sounds epic. Got my pre-order ready.

HammadTheBeast2199d ago

People have done speed runs of 4. But most should take about 20, and if you do everything, even more. It's up to you.

callahan092199d ago

When did IGN start doing full tenths of a point again? Last I remembered they were doing only half point increments. I must be out of the loop.

Anyway, this game looks awesome and I am very tempted to play it immediately. I haven't bought a game on release in like a year... This could be the one haha.

MariaHelFutura2199d ago

This game is probably great and I will end up playing it. BUT, IGN gives everything decent a 9.

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chriski3332199d ago

Very good score getting this game day 1

-MD-2199d ago

Dishonored reviews

IGN 9.2/10
Strategy Informer 9/10
Digital Chumps 9/10
Kotaku yes/10
Giant Bomb 4/5
The Verge 9/10
CVG 9.5/10
Eurogamer 8/10
Pc gamer 92/100
Destructoid 9/10

wastedcells2199d ago

Awesome thanks MD, so pumped for this game. Got to love a great new IP dropping right before the onslaught of blockbuster sequels. If its this good I hope people take a chance and pick it up. One more day!

ginsunuva2199d ago

Review scores shouldnt make you buy or not buy something.

Nunchez2199d ago

Yeah I always buy games probably based on gameplay videos and a little bit on people liking it. Never trust reviews unless they're from a respected site.

deep_fried_bum_cake2199d ago

I think the .2 is meant to signify that it is slightly better than a 9.

Good review, I laughed when I read whalepunk. It'll be a while before I can get this but I'm really looking forward to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.