Six new Splinter Cell : Double Agent Screenshots

Six new screenshots of Sam Fishers latest epic have snuck their way out from under Ubisoft's watchful eye, straight onto this website.

The screens showcase the stunning range of environments that Sam will encounter during his adventures, ranging from a luxury yacht, to an ice covered mountain. The last of the new screenshots is the most impressive, depicting Mr.Fisher abseiling down a building under the watchful searchlight of an enemy helicopter. The new Splinter Cell certainly has a much more epic feel to it than the previous instalments.

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sjappie5908d ago

What ever happened to the multiplayer demo?

Deceased5908d ago

Looks better than I thought it would. I will get this game and the next splinter cell 360 exclusive.

Anerythristic265908d ago

Wow! This game looks totally amazing. Did they develop this for the 360 in mind , then work on the PS2 / XBOX? These graphics are maybe just a step down from Mass Effect in my mind.

power of Green 5908d ago

Yes the 360 version has it's own next-gen build and the PS2 version has different back story missions.

Anerythristic265908d ago

You can totally tell when they are actually using the hardware.

power of Green 5908d ago

It's shame that dev's/ either didn't know the 360's hardware or made hold'em over to the graphicaly pretty games come filler. It's both in my opinion. What ever, it worked for MS to establish an fanbase before the other arrive. This is what's confusing Sony fans on the first wave, second wave BS & even with the capabilities on PS3 and the 360. It's the risk MS took and it worked.

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