Kutaragi 'Doesn't Care' About Rivals

Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi has downplayed the threat of rivals Nintendo and Microsoft in the midst of the PlayStation 3's scaled-back launch.

Speaking to Next-Gen's European media partner MCV at Sony's Tokyo headquarters, Kutaragi commented on the possibility of Xbox 360 and Wii overcoming the PS3: "We don't care," he said.

His remark isn't a sign of forfeit to Sony's videogame competitors, rather a sign of his confidence that PS3 production will eventually get up to speed and go head-to-head with the Wii and Xbox 360. While it's surely keeping a keen eye on competitors, Sony's main focus at this point is on its own in-house issues.

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well of course he doesn't care. in kuturagi dreamland there are no competition, and the PS3 is the greatest blur-ray computer ever!

Meanwhile, back in reality...

Marty83706362d ago

X360 needs help in Japan.It's been on sale a year and has'nt even sold 100k.And that's with no competition.

Chronical6362d ago

Why do you think the world is Japan and the next gen war revolves around there. Japan is a fraction compared to the europe and the reset of the world

Sphinx6362d ago

...I'd like to take him by the hand and run through a forrest full of elves and pixies... Sony Land.

Marriot VP6362d ago (Edited 6362d ago )

Of course they don't care about market share or the competition. They don't care because they know all that matters is selling 50 million Blu-ray players so they succeed. That's the only way they'll make money.

The PS3 is a blu-ray machine first, gaming second

super bill6362d ago

he will care when sony goes bust.and he haent got a job.