Preordering: The Pitfalls

Stores across the globe are about to make a killing of a profit as the Wii and Playstation 3 launch. When it comes to a console launch, preordering isn't foolproof. Here's some guidelines on what to avoid and what to watch out for to ensure you get your console at launch for the proper price.

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BIadestarX6475d ago

"Stores across the globe are about to make a killing of a profit as the Wii and Playstation 3 launch" That may be true only they can cover the demands. I can tell you that the 360 will sell more units, simply because they are ready to supply the demands. The wii and PS3 will most likely better numbers next year. Unless they have lots of consoles that we don't know about (Nintendo may).

AP6475d ago (Edited 6475d ago )

I know. It actually tackles the demand issue a bit in the article, mainly focusing on how hard it might be to get one and how to ensure you do. The Wii has a million for the US which isn't bad at all.

Karibu6475d ago

Is that guy relative of Bill Gates?? They are so lookalike... or Xbox gradually consumes you to look Bill Gates =/

OutLaw6475d ago (Edited 6475d ago )

If anybody is going to the midnight launch then make sure you have somebody with you, especially for the PS3. With such a shortage with the PS3 a lot of desperate criminals will be lurking around that corner. So for the few who does go and pick up a system at midnight just stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. I usually get my systems at midnight but for the PS3 I'm going to pass on it and for the Wii if I can order it online I will. But if I can't I'm going to go to Gamestop and do the midnight thing.

Ravenator5296475d ago

There are a lot of people who buy these systems just to make a huge profit off of them. They wouldn't think twice about robbing someone to get what they want.

I just saw on the news that some guy was supposedly held at gunpoint for one of the new Elmo dolls!

IMO if the store wants to have a midnight launch or let people stay outside overnight, there should be either hired security on hand or police.

I could see theft as being a reality!

ChickeyCantor6475d ago

for a second there........i though that was a tingle wannabe in the picture holding the 360( in the thumb view)

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Fear Effect coming to PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC in 2025

Limited Run Games, in cooperation with Square Enix, will release action adventure game Fear Effect for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam in 2025, the company announced.

CrimsonWing6915h ago(Edited 15h ago)

What!? That is freaking great!!!! I really loved this game back in the day and was so pissed the Remake got changed and then eventually canceled. This is such great news that it’s the original. Will definitely get the plat for it.

Mr Pumblechook13h ago

The article mentions:

* PC
* Nintendo Switch
* PlayStation 4
* PlayStation 5

But why isn’t there a mention of the Xbox Series version?

CrimsonWing6913h ago

Yea that’s a Limited Run Games thing like what @Scissorman showed in the article. They’ve tried selling the physical versions of Xsex games, but they just don’t sell. But I’m fairly sure this should be digital for Xbox, if not, then it’s time to drop Xbox and come to greener pastures.

wesnytsfs10h ago

@CrimsonWing69, greener pastures.. Yep moved to mainly PC now myself get all the good games from both companies now if only Nintendo would release games on PC too.

RiseNShine10h ago

so a ps1 game launched in modern platformos, mmmkay. I can play it already in emulators with high res, retroachievements support and more, doesn't make much sense.


Elden Ring's manga paused so the author can play the DLC instead

Elden Ring's manga has been put on hiatus so that the artist can play the DLC.

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phoenixwing10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Well 6 month hiatus it is. If not longer lol


Why Far Cry 3 Was The Best Of The Franchise?

Far Cry 3, an open-world masterpiece that redefined the series. Gameplay and storyline makes it a timeless classic that still inspires today.

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Deeeeznuuuts1d 5h ago

It's gotta be Far Cry 2 for me, the feeling of that game I'm still yet to find again, just everything about it, I'd kill for a remaster, I'd even be happy with just a bump in resolution and frame rate, occasionally go back to it, think I'm gunna have to do just that now 😂

porkChop1d 5h ago

A remaster of Far Cry 2 would be amazing, especially with the mods that fixed the broken stealth system and the dumb checkpoint respawns. Include those fixes and it would be a huge upgrade over the original.

JEECE1d 4h ago

Enemies respawn in Far Cry 2? Terrible! It's a broken system! Make me a one-man army who can inexplicably hold an entire region!

Enemies respawn in Dark Souls and Zelda? Brilliant! So much more hardcore! Glad the devs took risks!

porkChop1d ago

The problem isn't them respawning. It's that they respawned after just 5 minutes. Like you'd still be in the area looking for diamonds, loot, exploring, etc, and the enemies would just respawn with you there.