X06: Alone in the Dark: Eyes On

Carnby gets high in the first ever 360 gameplay.

Clinging to a ledge 20 odd stories above Central Park, nearby windows exploding in flame, and a malevolent, supernatural force on the loose, Carnby finds himself in another sticky situation in Alone in the Dark.

At X06 in Barcelona Thursday, a team from Eden Games walked IGN through the first mission of the second episode of Alone in the Dark on the 360, the time ever running on the console. While still early in development -- the game is slated to ship sometime next year, and we're guessing Q3 -- Alone in the Dark is an interesting take on the franchise and the genre.

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Top 10 Horror Games Coming In 2023 & 2024

NoobFeed Editor Michael VanDine writes - With the end of 2023 in sight, the horror genre has never looked better with an amazing list of new titles coming up at the tail end of the year, and into 2024. Luckily it seems like fans of the Terrifying will have access to not only a slew of great titles but also a great variety.

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Knightofelemia21d ago

I was hooping for something on Slitterhead.


Check Out Nearly 8 Minutes Of Unedited Alone In The Dark Gameplay

Nearly 8 minutes of new Alone in the Dark footage showcases combat, exploration, and characters.

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Snookies1225d ago

Not sure how this is "unedited" when there are all kinds of cuts changing scenes lol. It looks pretty good overall though. As someone that knows nothing about what this game even is.

Kurisu25d ago

I'm not sold on it, personally. The demo didn't really do much for me (it was too short, and didn't give you any hands on time with the main characters) and this trailer just feels a bit flat. I feel like they're banking on Jodie Comer and David Harbour being the faces of this game to bring in an audience, but their performances here feel quite forced and something just doesn't click.

monkey60225d ago

I'm with you. I was all kinds of ready for this until I played the demo and it was awful. The camera was the worst part.

1nsomniac25d ago

Agreed, not really sure HeyPoorPlayer understands what “unedited” means 😂


Alone in the Dark Delayed to January 16th, 2024 to Avoid October's Crazy Release Schedule

THQ Nordic announced a three-month delay for the Alone in the Dark remake due to the incredibly busy game release schedule of October 2023.

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ZwVw89d ago

Hold on. This game is rated "T" for Teen?!

isarai89d ago

I mean you never shoot "people" in these games so kinda makes sense

ZwVw89d ago

Yet, the previous entries still carried "M" ratings.

isarai89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Well according to the ESRB and the official game page it hasn't even been rated yet. I'm not even sure where you're seeing a rating honestly

isarai89d ago

You know what, fair, cause it is crazy and this game I'm definitely grabbing. So nice to be able to do so and not kill my bank account 😅

monkey60289d ago

It was absolutely dead in the water otherwise so probably a good decision

isarai89d ago

October is still so busy I still fully expect a couple casualties

Ashunderfire8689d ago

This late in the game naw!!!!

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