Portal Demonstration

Video of Portal in action.

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Brian3604432d ago

this new should be in the Xbox360 section not PS3
Very cool video ,and if the rumours are true about getting HL 1 + 2 + portal etc on one disk this will be a definite purchase

Deceased4432d ago

I thought it was being released on the PS3 as well. Am I wrong?

OutpostCommand4432d ago

You are not.
Its on PC, 360 and PS3.

skoda4432d ago

i heard it was bundled too. looks a bit strange, pretty cool tho.
will be a pain to get used to playing the game.

Brian3604432d ago

I believe so ,but this is footage from X06 on a xbox360

Deceased4432d ago

I just thought I would let everyone know that it is multiplatform. I recently posted a news article from X06 and the site admin added PS3 and PC so i just went ahead and did it for them.:)

OutpostCommand4432d ago

I see...well nice one, this is a good news post and nice video.

Phlapp4432d ago

Can anyone tell me about Portal? Is it a game in its own right? I understand the priciple of the portals but did anyone else struggle to see or work out what was going on?

no_more_heroes4432d ago

If this wasn't bundled with half life 2 and the other stuff, this game would not see the light of day because like the creators themselves said, no one wants to pay full price for a 3 hour game. No one.

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