INTERVIEW: PS3's Digital Distribution Future

Michael Denny, VP of Sony Computer Entertainment of Worldwide Studio [Europe], declares that digital distribution is the future of both the industry and of PlayStation platforms--and yes, that means lots of paid downloadable content.

Sony's online ambitions are enormous. Xbox Live is the more established player in the online console arena, but if Sony can manage to successfully pull off its own online initiatives, Xbox Live will have a formidable competitor on its hands.

Prior to his keynote at next week's London Games Summit, Denny clues us in on the focus of his presentation, including Sony's plans for user-generated content, why good graphics matter and how downloadable content and continued monetization of consumers post-launch is key for success in the next generation.

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Deceased5908d ago

And I thought Peter Moore looked [email protected], this guy needs to stay away from a camera.

Sphinx5908d ago're mean! But yeah, he does look sorta fruity... well, he makes more money than me, so he's got me there.

HyperBear5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

Constantly Burns Sony and PS3. Examples:

at E3 he said "Some guys do rubber ducks, some guys do tatoos" (referreing to how Sony used rubber ducks for their PS3 demonstrations at E3

And just this past Wednesday at X06, he said "Thats 5 days, not 5 months after the US Launch" (talking about how Gears of War will be available in Europe just 5 days after the US release.)

Also at X06 he said,"...amazing graphics system, and over 300 cars, on disc......."
(referring to how GT HD, where you have to buy all your cars and tracks and then save them to your HDD, making no use of the disc.)

And what has Barbie Ken shown besides crap, and what has he talked about besides crap. At least Peter Moore talks about 360 stuff we want to hear, and not crap from Sony, that we dont want to hear.

BIadestarX5908d ago

I would like to say that Sony it's copying microsoft, but that would be bull. Instead they are just stating the obvious and what bill games and Microsoft being saying since XBox 1.
I can't wait to see Sony's implementation of the future(Digital Download).

Ravenator5295908d ago

I could understand your post!

Balance5908d ago

i highly doubt sony could come close to live. MS has had alot of time and feed back to really mature the product and offer some awsome features (demos rock, save me money from buying bad games or get me excited about games i might have never looked at)

lalaland5908d ago

... it is the rest that is difficult: worldwide payment framework, online store, chat-messaging etc.

THELANDSOFSAND5908d ago (Edited 5908d ago )

um. i think they need to create an online service and actually tell the developers about it before they get all excited!


it sounds like sony's focus for the future online service is as a money-making download system for games. they don't give a sh1t about you playing online against each other. they just want a easy, fast way to take more money from sony fanboys. fu(k fun, make sure there are MICRO-TRANSACTIONS!! nice sony!

look at their plans for GTHD!! they are going to suck every last dollar from PS3 fanboys just to be able to own the game!

this is so lame. damn sony, its like 6 weeks to launch and no standard online service or final specs!!?!

I'll be enjoying virtua tennis and THP8 online on my 360, shame about the PS3 versions...

SomeAnalyst5908d ago

Why worry about fun online play when you can buy Sony music through your TV and stream their PayPerView movies? From the Blu-ray player to the Cell design PS3 seems less about gaming and more about a Sony-content delivery vehicle.

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The story is too old to be commented.