Is Survivors the next Slender?

Survivors is a free Russian-developed title that takes elements of the Slender formula and alters them in a way that results in some pretty effective horror in a co-op setting. You and up to three friends are trapped in the woods at night and are armed with only flashlights as a werewolf hunts you down one by one.

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Summons753277d ago

dose it actually have gameplay because slender sucked because there was nothing to the "game" besides walk around and have something pop out and go boo. I've seen haunted houses at halloween do what slender did but better...

Krew_923277d ago

I don't even know why Slender is so popular, it's not even scary. You can find better horror by playing Amnesia.

Slender Man has been around longer than the game though which is funny, people never cared about it back then, but now everyone LOVES Slender Man. It was just another crappy Creepypasta, and it's still a crappy Creepypasta.

Kyosuke_Sanada3277d ago

It's short as hell that's why. There's no puzzles or length to worry so anybody can dabble in and out then say "I have finished a survival horror! I am now part of the in crowd".

Not saying it's a bad game, but right now it feels like an overrated fad.

Irishguy953277d ago

I thought "Slender man" sucks either way, however I liked the game decent enough/ It is the same as Amnesia only the scare lasts much shorter/ I went into Slender not knowing anything about slender man or anything

Who's betting a movie will come out now :D? ****ing hollywood

Amplitude3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I'm sorry Slender scared the hell out of me. Play it in the dark with headphones on loud, and by yourself.
Sure it's no Amnesia but when you're walking through that building and you turn the corner and that Slender douche is right in front of your face...

i dont know. I've never jumped more times than i did playing Slender xD

Sidewinder-3277d ago

Slender is just a bandwagon hype game.

SebastianSB3277d ago

I'm kind of impressed by how every single comment avoids mentioning anything about the game in question or any of the actual content of the post. It shows how incredibly title-oriented a somewhat distressing number of N4G users appear to be.

Kyosuke_Sanada3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

The thing is the not only the title is using Slender as the benchmark on how scary Survivors may be but makes a side by side comparison of the two. It's just that posters felt like Slender shouldn't be held as that milestone for a horror to strive to be.

Then you had a chance to start posting a comment about Survivors but you blew it as well so you are just calling the kettle black.....

In closing, everyone loses.

SebastianSB3277d ago

Survivors is compared to Slender in the article because they are fundamentally similar. Not just because they're both horror games, but on a mechanical level.

I've also written quite a lot about Survivors already considering it's my article.

Kyosuke_Sanada3277d ago

True. It's a good article that has me downloading the game as we speak. Just next time don't call it the next Slender even though they are similar. I didn't want to sound like a douche about the whole thing it's just that when a second game is mentioned and it's more popular, it's almost natural for the discussion to move to the latter sometimes.

I'm sorry if I offend.

SebastianSB3277d ago

I guess I shouldn't complain. I oversimplified the title specifically because I've learned through experience that longer ones (the real title of this article being "Survivors (Survivers) Co-op Horror and Slender Retrospect") are more frequently ignored here. A few commenters are the minority I guess when compared to the many people who are reading and saying nothing.

r213277d ago

Just saw gameplay, feels basically the same :I