Rumor: Ace Combat 6 Flying to PS3 In 2008?

This rumor comes from Playstation 3 magazine PSM3. PSM3 is part on online gaming website CVG.

In their feature "2008 year of the ps3" I noticed something interesting.

Among the games listed one poped out the most, Ace Combat 6 with this written below:

"Japan's favourite dogfighting series returns with a new made-up war, a brace of superweapons, online co-op and a custom controller for the superfans."

Could this be a miss print even though there is a picture and writting to go with it or do they know something that we don't and that Namco will be annoucing this for the PS3 soon.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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pwnsause5474d ago

its obvious that Ace combat will come soon to the PS3 wether its 6 or 7, but the actual question is, is it a good port or a bad port?

sonarus5474d ago

wasnt this already confirmed about the same time eternal sonata was. The site revealed it by accident or maybe it was esrb or sumthin.

White-Sharingan5474d ago (Edited 5474d ago )

no, if im correct the site only listed Katamari and Eternal Sonata, not Ace Combat.

but seriously who didnt see this coming? Ace Combat was always a PS series, its probably timed exclusive.

jackdoe5474d ago

I personally hope it follows Ridge Racer style where 360 gets Ridge Racer 6 and PS3 gets Ridge Racer 7. I played AC6 on the 360 and while the gameplay was fun, I didn't like the story that much.

masterg5474d ago

Please don't make number 6 for PS3.
I played it on my 360 and it was awful. The graphics were so undetailed. If they're gonna make one it should be a new one with true next gen graphics.

gta_cb5474d ago

hopefully it will be a good port, my brother has it for his Xbox 360 and i must say its a pretty good game, gameplay and graphics

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cellypower5474d ago

There better off making a new version then a port for the ps3.

Gaara_7245474d ago

i c its not just the ps3 losing exclusive games now

power of Green 5474d ago

Ace Combat is a Playstation franchise lol.

Its the other way around.

Its like FF comming to the 360 first then saying Xbox lost another one. lol

InMyOpinion5474d ago

Ace Combat 6 was first announced as a multiplatform title, then became a timed exclusive for the 360. Then the PS3 version just went off the radar, and now it's back again.

Kain815474d ago

that they will be a PS3 version but later.

5474d ago
jackdoe5474d ago

General Pinky, sigh. An Ace Combat is coming to the PS3. You cannot deny that. Ace Combat 6 sales were not to snuff on the 360 to begin with. This article is probably a typo, but an Ace Combat will come out on the PS3.