How To: Install Sony's New PlayStation Mobile For Android On Any Rooted Device

AndroidPolice: "Sony's PlayStation Mobile for Android just went live for certified devices last night. But what if you don't have a certified device, which so far includes only a number of Sony phones and tablets as well as the HTC One series? Heck, I have a One series device - the EVO LTE - but turns out it's not certified. That's just silly."

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jujubee884156d ago

Word of warning:

This is not the way Sony intended people to enjoy PSM. Sony made up Playstation Certification for a reason and it was: a) To make sure the hardware that was Certified can run the games b) to make sure the hardware was quality enough to enjoy the games on.

... This is more of a "hack" by Android devs used to reworking the Android OS that have now enabled an app (i.e. PSM's store front and games launcher) to work on any piece of hardware capable of running Android OS.

You've been warned.

Protagonist4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

If only that was the case!
People all over the world has playstation certified devices, only problem is! Sony has trouble (as usual) making it work for all the countries.


Without a date (for regions other than mentioned) there is no reason to think it will be available either, a good example of this was the PSP Comic Store which was advertised on the PSN for respective european countries, but it never became available and now it is closing down.


plmkoh4155d ago

"Sony has trouble (as usual) making it work for all the countries."

Trying to make it work, or giving specific region release dates?

"it never became available and now it is closing down. "

Good, instead you get Sony Reader, universal across multiple devices both Sony or not, Playstation or not.

jujubee884155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

The countries being blocked out from the fun going on does kinda suck! :(

"a good example of this was the PSP Comic Store which was advertised on the PSN for respective european countries, but it never became available and now it is closing down. "

It NEVER came out in Europe? Well, there is probably a good reason since that service was driven by comics distributors in the US (like Marvel and DC) and back in the day (I think Comics on PSP launched in 2008-ish), comics weren't huge across the seas... Than cinema kinda popularized put that geeky stuff on the map.

The fact it's being taken down now is just an obvious move from both SCE and the engineers that need to keep those internet pipelines to PSN and servers constantly on and working. SCE are not going to do all of that for Comics on PSP, nor should they.

Protagonist4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Good reason or not - SCE, engineers , point is Sony Playstation advertised for it for the EU countries but in the end it never became available.
I got a PSVITA and playstation certified device but no PSM, I would say it is pretty fair if people choose to root their devices. Me personally I´m not going to do it because it may void my guarantee.

abzdine4155d ago

i have the (8008103E) error on Xperia P !!!!

Protagonist4155d ago

It is probably because your region is not supported.

abzdine4155d ago

this is typical sony, we've seen this with many things like video store, psn cards and now PSM. i dont get why they release something that is not yet optimized, or they just dont give any further clarification about anything.
I live in Denmark and they said all Europe will have access to PSN, but apparently not.

Sephiroushin4155d ago

Got same error on an Asus transformer infinity tf700t -.-

guitar_nerd_234155d ago

Nice, now they just need some interesting games for it.

If they'd prepared a psp/ps1 emulator all of sudden they'd be the only worthwhile place to get games on a tablet.

Missed opportunity so far.


A Small Mistranslation of PlayStation's Multiplatform Plans Causes Panic Among Sony Fans

A mistranslated statement by Sony's CFO and COO Hiroki Totoki about PlayStation's multiplatform plans is causing unwarranted panic among some PS5 fans.

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Sonic18811d 7h ago

They might be talking about Bungie's game Marathon. That game will also launch on Xbox.

Jin_Sakai1d 6h ago

“Sony's President quote clarified, "multi-platform" means PS and PC NOT Xbox and Switch“

Everyone should’ve known this.

Abriael1d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

I've read that making the rounds, but that's actually false (I believe it comes from a site doing some speculation and another site quoting it as gospel, because people nowadays can't do their job, it appears).

Totoki-san didn't issue any such clarification anywhere. He did not say anywhere or at any time that he doesn't mean Xbox and Switch.

But that's because no clarification is actually needed.

The original statement itself, if translated correctly as mentioned in the article, is pretty clear in the fact that he's focusing on PC and not other consoles.

Lightning771d 5h ago

That it a correct assessment yes.

Jin_Sakai1d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

“Totoki-san didn't issue any such clarification anywhere. He did not say anywhere or at any time that he doesn't mean Xbox and Switch.“

He also didn’t say anywhere that he did mean Xbox or Switch.

Einhander197214h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Typical, you write an article that correctly states that he is talking about PC, then you go directly into the comments to misinform people about what you just wrote.

And you're not the only person who can read Japanese. He does not say anything about xbox or Switch in the entirety of his message. You are just saying what you want to hear and what you want people to think.

The Microsoft agents on the web are going hard into a pressure campaign to manipulate the messaging in Microsoft favor.

Abriael11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

@Einhander1972: You don't seem to be able to read English considering that you appear to have completely misread my comment.

Read it again. Slowly. You literally repeated what I said and then said I'm wrong lol.

You really should chill, being a console warrior is unhealthy. Makes you see "agents" of the "enemy" in every shadow. 😂

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darthv721d 6h ago

After Sony changed their mind on PC support... guess we can truly never say never.

1d 5h ago
tehpees322h ago

The question that people should be asking is will publishing on rival consoles really be the ONLY thing Microsoft do that Sony don’t?

Sony have followed in Microsoft’s footsteps (and I will remind people I think it’s a mistake but the fact is they ARE doing it) every step of the way. They did cross gen exclusives. Then they did PC releases. Then day 1 PC releases in this case and seriously with how Helldivers did you can’t expect them to keep their word on not doing day 1 PC games now.

I believe Sony will be watching how it works for Microsoft and if they see their fanbase accepting it they’ll start doing it.

Reaper22_1d 2h ago

That's false. He didn't say that. I've noticed that you like to input your own version of a made up fact. Sony has already brought games to PC so it makes no sense for them to announce it. They will be putting more games than MLB The Show on xbox in the future. They'll be doing similar things that Microsoft are doing. The only difference is that Microsoft is telling us now. Sony is doing to slowly spill it...lol

XiNatsuDragnel1d 5h ago

Yes they'll do pc not day 1 it's a stagger release which imo is cooler than day1.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

Who knows? Maybe but if it's so I'll go buy pc and switch and won't get a ps6 simple I'll save money long term doing that. If not then good for me, my goal is a reason to buy a console still. Exclusives is a reason because it's a justifiable and substantial argument that I follow. This modern argument everyone should play games everywhere essentially go pc because everything is a pc these days. So I'm going to root with that logic.

anast1d 2h ago

"get a ps6 simple"

If you don't mind eating $1600 in cost to play those games.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 1h ago

Actually my pc was 800 when I was bought and it plays most amazingly so yes you're right on expenses but for Me I'm going pay another 200 for new parts and it's been decade so yeah I'm Gucci @anast.

anast15h ago

"was 800 when"

I am 100% certain your $800 doesn't run like a PS5 and it definitely doesn't run like a PS6

XiNatsuDragnel2h ago


That was 10 years ago it beyond ps4 back then now I'll get parts for 200 to upgrade it to be beyond ps5/6. Again pc isn't super expensive it depends on rig and type of rig you want.

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cwningen13h ago

How exactly is a stagger release cooler than day 1?
Surely it's a win for all gamers to be able to be given choice of what platform to play their games on, the very day that game releases? While creating healthier online playerbases as you're reaching audiences that don't own your system of choice?

In an ideal world, Halo would be on Playstation, Mario would be on PC and Kratos would be on the Xbox. And as a gamer if you wanted to play Halo on the PC instead? More power to you, that's great and we can enjoy the game at the same time through simultaneous releases.

XiNatsuDragnel8h ago

Fair point for me I rather have incentive to get a platform that's why I got switch because they have what I wanted exclusives to keep investing into there ecosystem but you're utopia wise we'll have everything on one platform than industry stagnates again.