OXCGN’s EB Expo 2012 Snapshot: Upcoming Games Previewed – Day One


"Over the next three days, we’ll be providing feedback on the latest, greatest and everything in between that we manage to get our hands on.

Impressions are judged with the following rating:

Green: game looks fantastic, polished and basically a guaranteed winner

Yellow: game looks great, but there’s a bit of uncertainty or something that didn’t quite work right

Orange: game is shaping up, but needs some work."

gaminoz4271d ago

Medal of Honor really is seeming to be more than I thought it would be...another cash cow sequel.

Splinter Cell is interesting too.

DeusExer4271d ago

Agreed. Wasn't expecting anything special until I got my hands on it. Too many great FPS coming out.

wastedcells4271d ago

True, I was hoping after the last MOH that they would come back strong with a great sequel and its looking like they will.

BadCircuit4271d ago

I'm still not sold on the line-up for Wii U. Ports like Darksiders 2 don't interest me at all.

Paris994271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

I agree I think they could do a lot of fun interesting games but the ones that have been announced are not as good as they could be

level 3604270d ago

Just bought my fave game from the original XBox Splinter Cell but this time the Sony PS3 trilogy pack 3D-HD version. Am loving the entire series all over again.

Have also been at EXPO 2012 and saw the new Splinter Cell: Blacklist and have to say it looks gorgeous and the game play preview spectacular. Didn't really liked Double Agent, think they veered away from it's roots but this new Blacklist, has a lot of the original stuff plus more.

Looking forward to getting this game again.

The new Hitman 5: Absolution and Tomb Raider: Crossroads were side-by-side at the expo and also on my must buy lists.


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CoNn3rB299d ago

Sam Fisher is evidently the most skilled stealth operative because no-one has seen him in his own game for years

kevco33299d ago

10 years, in fact. He must be, like, 60 by now?

phoenixwing299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

why make an inspired game that takes effort when you can half ass it with multiplayer gaas games and filler filled assassins creed games?

That question up there is the reason you don't see splinter cell games

zarbor298d ago

Yup, another example that Ubisoft has no idea what they are doing.

MIDGETonSTILTS17298d ago

The entire mark and execute system belonged in another game.

It’s cool, but the polar opposite to how Sam Fisher initially handled.

The original trilogy made shooting very, very difficult, yet a viable option, which ultimately motivates stealth.

The mark/execute system makes shooting stupid easy, to the point of why would you even bother trying stealth as an alternative?

FYouDad298d ago

Because Ghost is the method fans of the series actually prefer? IMark and execute is never forced upon the player you liiterally never have to bother using it even once throughout Blacklist.

RNTody298d ago

The sad part is that I actually really enjoyed the last game, Blacklist. It may have lacked the iconic voice but the gameplay was excellent, and blended stealth, action and a mix really great compared to most games, where none of the three options felt like the wrong way to play. I really hope they either produce a remake of the original game or a proper sequel.

Rikimaru-00298d ago

Isn't UBI Soft remaking splinter cell.

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