X06: Moore - "no Xbox 360 price drop"

As the happy campers in attendance at X06 pick up their bags and head home from Barcelona, it has emerged that despite rumours to the contrary, the much vaunted Xbox 360 price cut is not coming.

And seeing as Microsoft did not take the opportunity of using X06 as a platform for any such announcement on the subject, many of you will not be surprised.

But this point has been further affirmed this morning following online reports that in a behind closed door discussion with Senior Vice-President Peter Moore, he has stated that a drop in the Xbox 360's price was never even considered at this stage. The Microsoft big wig went on to allegedly comment that the big M was currently happy with the hardware price, as it's comfortably bracketed between the delayed PlayStation 3 and cheaper next-gen option of Nintendo's Wii.

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PS3OWNESXBOX3605913d ago

The 360 price might not be dropping, but i'm almost sure he's gonna drop that xbox 360, how embarrassing would that be for him lol haha and MS corporation!

nuclearnipple5913d ago

at least he can pick it up in one hand. better than ken needing a forklift for the Ps3/george forman grill.

USMChardcharger5913d ago

O...K...cracking yourself up there.

anyway, M$ will dual out that card when it is needed as a move against PS3.

nuclearnipple5913d ago

sorry all i lowered myself to a fanboyish level for a minute there i just couldnt help it. i have no bias on either side of the war i own a 360 and will hopefully get a PS3 when the price drops in a year or so. it just drives me mad that people have to find the most pointless stupid things to try and have a dig at MS.
i think all fanboys should be put on a ship and sunk out in the mariana trench so the rest of us gamers can make posts that are actually interesting and/or relevant.

Ravenator5295913d ago

I just thought the picture was funny.

This is LAME! We already knew there wouldn't be a price drop. They have said it many times.

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