Bethesda On Skyrim PS3 DLC: “It’s Our Problem, And It’s On Us To Solve It.”

Bethesda vice president of public relations and marketing Pete Hines has spoken out once again to state that the lack of a PS3 Skyrim DLC is on Bethesda.

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zeal0us3222d ago

Should have been solved months ago.

Darth Stewie3221d ago

No should have been solved years ago. Bugthesda have been having the same problems since their 1st PS3 game.

decrypt3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Not Bethesdas fault when its Sony that designs hardware without placing anu thought into it nvm taking any developer recommendations. Sony never anticipated that such large open world games would exist this gen hence they designed PS3 for very linear corridor type games.

Console gamers need to stop crying.

Imo considering the PS3s hardware limitations and its inability to play complex open world games, i think Bethesda should either scrap the dlc or they should dumb down the graphics to the point where the PS3 can handle the load. Personally the latter option is better as console gamers dont care about graphics.

[email protected]

Sony themselves admitted that the PS3 architecture is very limiting infact its so poorly designed Sony cant implement simple features like cross game chat.

Baka-akaB3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

"Imo considering the PS3s hardware limitations and its inability to play complex open world games"

That's funny there are more open world games on ps3 . The same as on 360 + a few exclusives . Only thing missing is Crackdown and fables

There are limitations indeed , but you are clearly twisting some imaginary knife .

Are you part of the "only corridors" cult too ?

d0nni33221d ago

@decrypt maybe you wouldn't have so many disagrees if you actually used facts and displayed the slightest knowledge of what your talking about.

All current gen consoles have thier drawbacks but wouldn't prevent open world games from running, try harder next time your ignorance is showing.

Carl_Shocker3221d ago


"Not Bethesdas fault when its Sony that designs hardware without placing anu thought into it"

Yet when Bethesda had a chance to start fresh with a brand new engine instead of creating one from the ground up that would manage to work well across all three platforms KNOWING that they would have to make sure this new creation engine had the PS in mind, they still messed up....I think they focused way too much on the 360 version and the other two platforms were sloppy seconds.

If it was there first time and they didn't know then fair enough but they had a second chance and they failed.

It's there fault, not Sonys.

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Catoplepas3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

*exaggerated yawn*

Oh, I'm sorry, were you saying something? What's that? The DLC for this year old title may never happen? Well, this is just brand new information. Thanks for keeping us on the very cusp of relevancy.

Seriously, I think the majority of us have got the picture. Skyrim PS3 DLC = No go-ey.

I made my peace with this loooong ago. As have the majority of people I know.

MariaHelFutura3221d ago

I don't care. I have Skyrim on PS3 and love it (I still play it). I have ZERO interest in Dawnguard.

boybato3221d ago

just in time before the release of Dishonored.

topgeareasy3221d ago


they are only publishing it

Arkane studios is developing it and it will run via the UE3 engine

Consoldtobots3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

who is this clown kidding, the technical difficulties strangely take the form of a microsoft check when you run the game through the debugger.

Wizziokid3221d ago

So I shouldn't buy another Bethesda game on the PS3 then? what is happening to game dev's these days?

Catoplepas3221d ago

Depends entirely on how much worth you place in Bethesda' DLC I guess.

Judging purely from the reviews I've seen of Dawnguard, the resounding opinion is that it's slightly above average. Not worth wailing and rending your garments over basically.

Carl_Shocker3221d ago's why I got Skyrim on the 360 because I knew this would happen

I know it's not made directly by them but I'm still buying Dishonored on the 360 just to make sure.

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