"Under-pressure Sony must react to 360" - Ubi boss

Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot has hailed Microsoft's X06 showcase, warning that the growing strength of 360 is putting market leader Sony under pressure to react with its rival PlayStation 3 console.

Speaking exclusively to GamesIndustry.biz at the aftershow to the glitzy Barcelona event, Guillemot, whose firm significantly pledged an exclusive Splinter Cell title to the next-gen Xbox, said increased competition will benefit everyone in the market.

"What Microsoft is showing is that even if Sony has a lead in market share, Xbox is going to get better penetration in Europe," he said. "It's good to have many players on the same battlefield; I think it will push Sony to react, and also Nintendo to look at how they position themselves to make their machine a success. When the manufacturers are making great games and pushing each machine hard it can help everybody make the videogames business a better business."

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super bill6474d ago

sony had it microsoft the new kid on the block.i bet they be bankrupt within in a year.

xrobbanx6474d ago

No they wont be bankrupt but they realy need to get down from their high horses and think 360 as serious competetion. They are loosing alot off support and they are clearly in the lead in the nextgen

Smellslikepie6474d ago

Super Bill - I don't quite understand. Are you saying that because Microsoft are new then they will be beaten by Sony?

It's not very likely that either company go bankrupt from the sales of Games Consoles, both are well known for other things, infact Sony make a very large percentage of their profit from electronics such as laptops ( is writing this on a Sony Vaio laptop :D) and Microsoft have the Windows Operating System.

You also can't really say that Microsoft will be beaten by Sony because they are new. Sony managed to defeat Nintendo with the Playstation.

I'll argue for the other side just incase I read it wrong and you said Sony are going to be bankrupt.

You have to think that Sony are a well established manufacturor of games consoles. Ask anyone in the street to name a games console, and because of the popularity you can bet that they'll name the Playstation. This will be a great benefit for them in this console 'war'. sure, the majority of the people who live on the internet know all the wrong things that Sony has done, but your average consumer won't. So, really, Sony can rely on quite a few sales from ignorant ( I don't mean this in an insulting sense) consumers. Although the price might put them off a little.

Sony really has let itself down with Europe, however. Not releasing the Playstation 3 until easter next year is a big mistake, as this allows the Xbox 360 to make significant sales. Microsoft already had a good christmas with the 360 in 2005 although shortages hindered sales qutie a bit (I was lucky to get one then), and they're going to have it almost all to themselves this year in Europe but without the shortages.

So, basically, I think that Microsoft will be the leader in Europe and will be closely matched by the Wii. Sony will have Japan (you know it's inevitable) and I can't really comment on America. It'll probably be pretty even between PS3 and 360, however the 360 will have an advantage because of the price.

I'll stop now, I've probably already made a fool out of myself :P

Boink6474d ago

the other comments from him are pretty strong in support of the 360.

this combined with square promising of a lot less exclusive sony support should make things fun:)

EasilyTheBest6474d ago

Its just impossible to say which way its all going to go with this console war.
Id have to say again though, that Microsoft NEVER in their wildest dreams could they have expected to be in such a strong position as they are now. Remember xbox360 expected to have had PS3 to deal with spring THIS year.
It all comes down to the BUZZ or whatever you call it that will be surrounding the PS3 in its first year on sale. Its like the Apple Ipod, i know people who dont even know why they are buying one, yes really but they think its the one thing they have to av because everyone else thinks its the one thing to have.
I say we need a year to know how this all gos with PS3.
Theres one big failing i can see and yes its the price. I know it can obviously drop by a mile but the point is so can xbox360 and thats where id say Microsoft has the upper hand. If after the first 6 months PS3 sales tail off by quite a bit Sony are going to be worried. The last thing they want is a price war with Microsoft they need the PS3 to be selling at top price for a lot longer than 6 months. As ive said it all comes down to the Ipod like Buzz. Theres loads of good and better and cheaper alternatives to the Apple Ipod but why is it that the Ipod sells Buy the truck load.... Thats what Sony wants, it had it with PS1 & 2 it needs that more than ever with PS3.... Roll on Christmas 2007...

Ravenator5296474d ago

The PS3 should have been competing with the 360 by now. Because of all the delays, this puts M$ in a better position.

I am sure that M$ suspected some launch issues with the PS3 but I am sure they never expected all fo the production delays.

6 months worth of delays in the US and Japan alone are enough to hurt. Not to mention pushing Europe even further down the road and then shorting the initial launch.

Sony has been very sloppy and there isn't anyone who can't agree with that.

Dusk6474d ago (Edited 6474d ago )

In the end I think it's going to be pretty even. Sony's made a lot of mistakes this round, the largest of which was adding bluray to the PS3. That raised the price, caused delays, and really isn't going to affect gamers this generation. Microsoft, on the other hand, is snatching games up by the truckload and perfecting its online service. However, Sony will even things out with their brand recognition. This still carries a lot of weight. Even if, and notice I said if, the 360 is a 'better' console, Sony's name will make up the difference. There's a good chance MS can edge out Sony in NA and Europe, but Sony will be way ahead in Japan. Therefore, in the end, I think it will be pretty even. Still, this would be a huge victory for MS compared to last generation.

Antan6474d ago

theres a reason people on here have six bubbles...........and you have just read it.