Is Video Game Addiction a Legitimate Concern? Although not an official diagnosis there have been numerous studies on the subject that boast as many as 15% of all children and teens are affected. Doctors have even made the comparison to heroin when describing the power of the addiction. It’s essentially defined as the excessive and unhealthy amount of computer gaming. Ignoring friends, family, food and even rest, addicted users devote their time to gaming which often results in isolation and obsession.

We’ve all heard the most recent story of an 18-year-old Korean man who entered an internet café in Southern Taiwan and died due to a 40 hour marathon of Diablo III. After entering the café at noon the man booked a private room and played for almost two straight days without stopping to so much as eat. After being found by an employee the man later collapsed and was pronounced dead. This isn’t the first story of its kind, a simple Google search will provide you with a slew of marathon gaming related deaths.

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ChunkyLover533216d ago

It could be if it interferes with your day to day life, but like anything its not something that the masses will have to deal with or be worried about.

If your losing your job, family or something like that, your probably playing games too much.

JBSleek3216d ago

I think too much of anything is an addiction and video games is no exception. Now, whether I think the medical field should classify it as a disorder well I don't know as that isn't my field.

Anon19743216d ago

I agree. Video game addiction isn't anything different from TV addiction, or gambling addiction. Like any addiction, the root cause is what needs to be identified and treated, not the symptoms. Too often people look at things like videogame or TV addiction and point their finger at the medium like it's the cause of the problem. Mental illness is the cause of the problem. What they become addicted to after that is largely irrelevant. It's the mental health issues, diagnosing and treating. That should be priority one.

wastedcells3216d ago

So true, people who are messed up like to blame it on something or anything but the truth is always the same... Your were Fuct up way before you picked up the bottle, the controller, the gun lol whatever.

vitullo313216d ago

anything can be an addiction it all depends on the individual.. some people just cant handle moderation

No FanS Land3216d ago

I don't think it should be classified as a disorder, but yes gaming addiction is real. I'm addicted, maybe it's because the gamer can live his/her fantasy.

But recently I've been trying to break away from addiction, I believe having no more than 2 active consoles (PS3 and wii combo as example), and other consoles shelved should help.

dennett3163216d ago

Most addicts don't know they're addicts or can't admit their problem.

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The story is too old to be commented.