'FIFA 13' voted best yet by more than a third of Digital Spy users

FIFA 13 has been voted the best instalment yet by more than a third of Digital Spy readers.

Asked how they rated the recent footballing release, more than 37% of users described it as "excellent", saying that it deserved five stars.

31% of readers said that they were enjoying the game and would give it a four out of five review, compared to 19% who said that it was an average release, offering more of the same.

A modest 8.4% of readers, meanwhile, completely disagreed, calling it a huge letdown worthy of one star.

Regardless of any criticism, the latest FIFA has sold over 4.5 million copies across all platforms in its first five days at retail - making it not only the UK's biggest game launch of 2012, but also the biggest sports game launch ever.

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ChronoJoe3218d ago

It should be, every Fifa game has been better than the last, pretty much. It's just whether the improvements are significant enough to justify the £40.

In this Fifa's case not much, menus and presentation aside has actually changed, but then again I like the new menus, player updates, and features like the new challenges for ultimate team and the arena.

My housemates have it, but I wouldn't buy it myself.