Resident Evil 6 - "No Hope Left" Extended TV Spot

Capcom released the extended version of the official "No Hope Left" TV Spot.

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nrvalleytime3027d ago

Does the trailer name refer to RE6's chances of scoring favorably with critics?

If so - best trailer ever.

Bumpmapping3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I think they were referring to the franchise lol!

Knight_Crawler3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

You can spray a turd in gold and sprinkle it with diamonds but that does not change the fact that it still a turd.

Yangus3027d ago

No Hope Left RE6...its true.

MadMen3027d ago

This series is dead.

RE1, RE2 and Code Veronica the only 2 good games.

The rest are junk, the movies are junk.

no Hope Left in the RE Series

rdgneoz33027d ago

"RE1, RE2 and Code Veronica the only 2 good games."

I think "No hope left" refers to people being able to count... (Hint, that's 3 games...)

nrvalleytime3027d ago

You, sir, must have watched the Count growing up.

rdgneoz33027d ago

That and Family Guy always helps with counting...

ForROME3027d ago


That's the truth, this series is garbage now.

At least for the true RE fans.

Tetsujin3027d ago

I still say RE died after 4, and I'm still refusing to buy 6 unless its used or < $20