Ten Games That Could Save The Vita | Perhaps the word “save” is a bit harsh here. There is nothing wrong with the Vita. Technically. The problem lies in sales and how they are driving away devs. There is no doubt that Sony’s second handheld is ailing globally right now and a big issue is what’s available on the store shelves.

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cmurdurr3821d ago

Fallout on the Vita = WIN.

Mikelarry3821d ago

The only reason i got a psvita was because of the idea of playing my ps3 games remotely if sony can do this for all my ps3 games i have noticed the older i get the less time i have to play games on my tv

Hicken3821d ago

Ten games that COULD save the Vita, if the Vita were in need of saving.

Let's wait until it's been out a year before we start saying it needs saving, shall we? Pretty much everything sells big during the holidays; if the Vita doesn't, THEN we can say it needs saving.

jeffrey2223821d ago

vita don't need to be saved.

but i want my

inFAMOUS vita ^^

ninjahunter3821d ago

Mount and blade, with the touch pad on the back combat would finally be easy to replicate.