Negative Resident Evil 6 reviews, a trend of negativity

Because the Resident Evil 6 Metacritic scores are a little on the low side there have been suggestions that there is no hope left for the franchise, but is it really bad as all that?

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Anon19743218d ago

Certainly there are been a few negative reviews, but to characterize it as negative overall is a bit of a stretch. I can understand if every reviewer out there was saying it was a mess, but there's a good chunk of professional reviewers out there that think overall the game's actually pretty damn good.

Wouldn't it more accurate to say that reviews are "mixed"?

As for it being the end of a series, not a chance. People are acting like this is the first time a game with "Resident Evil" in the title has been met with mixed reviews.

bad naruto3218d ago

RE6 should die quietly like it didn't exist at all.
oh and i dearly which that Capcom go bankruptcy so Sony buy them off and then fire them all, and then make Inafune make a megaman game :)

Knight_Crawler3218d ago

Agreed...RE should have stopped at 4 and died with some dignity.

My only fear now is that they make a new Mega Man and rape him like they did RE :(

Also I noticed you avatar and allot of people are fearing that adding co-op to DS3 is a step in casualizing DS...hopefully DS3 is not action pack and less horror.

ILive3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Really, the game is not that bad. I will admit that the controls and camera felt a little weird at first; you get use to it eventually. I did start the series at 4 and I think it is a definite step up from both 4 and 5. You do have to give capcom some credit for packing the game with content. It is not perfect like all games out there. It is, however, enjoyable and very much playable.

bad naruto3218d ago

go play RE0,RE1,RE2,RE3,RE code veronica
and then state your opinion.

"You do have to give capcom some credit"


ILive3218d ago

"You do have to give capcom some credit" For stuffing the game with content. Am i really obligated to play the previous versions to give my opinion on this game? No, no.

aquamala3218d ago

these older RE's so ancient now, the game play mechanics are very outdated compared to today's games. I think it will be hard for someone to enjoy these games today without the nostalgia.

LiquidSword933218d ago

Hope is meaningless in games. It's sells or it doesn't. If it bombs, then resident evil might change for the best. If not, you all know the rest.

SovereignSnaKe3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

-I didn't read the rest of the article because of spoilers, but what is the writer getting at? Is the author saying Society is incredibly Negative at the moment and it's reflecting in reviews? If he is saying that, he's right. America is drowning in a depression, and this years election is not inspiring any hope either. The people are frustrated and the rage is being taken out all over the place, in the digital and physical worlds.

Knight_Crawler3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Chris dies :(

Then you can press continue and start the level again - Chris died about 20 times before I passed his play through.

SovereignSnaKe3218d ago

Awwww.. I F'ing hate cheap deaths! :'(

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