Big Picture mode didn't live up to my expectations

In case you was waiting for something revolutionary and more practical. Instead you still have to break your back carrying your PC into a living room. The only good thing is that you will be able to launch your games with your controller instead of having to get up to use your mouse, which wouldn’t work properly on the carpet.

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Laxman3224d ago

The whole comfort factor I get from playing games on my Tv/console is the main reason I stick with Xbox primarily, so if they can really make something special out of this, I might just find myself investing in some more PC games and hardware.

camel_toad3224d ago

Same here. I actually built a pc good enough to run the Planetside 2 beta at max settings but even so I still find myself getting the console versions of games (borderlands 2 ATM) because my preference of playing a game while vegged out on the couch is greater than my desire for better controls (mouse n keyboard) and better graphics.

Just a personal preference thing I guess because I used to play pc games for hours on end happily at my computer desk.

aquamala3224d ago

For a gaming pc connected to the tv, I think it's best to have a "remote" like this

So you can navigate normally like you can with a mouse and keyboard, once the game launches you can then use a Xbox controller. Besides my gaming pc also doubles as a dvr, it's not just for games.

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CrimsonessCross3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

"expetation" and "in case you was wondering" ...
spell-check! grammar-check! :D :P

I have no idea where the "wireless HDMI" came into play. If they already have it and you can obtain it, what would be the advantage of doing something like that?

I myself knew it was going to be a way for a controller to navigate menus and browse as well. I find it to be pretty interesting (and of course in beta as people are bringing up).

EDIT: Nevermind. I see what it was trying to say...still, a number of people already hook up their PCs to their HDTVs and if you have an HDMI port on your tower then you can find a cheap cord (if there isn't already a wireless HDMI out already) and hook it up...I guess it's all about placement...that sucks.

JustGam3r3224d ago

Yeah but the ideal vision is that you would be able to keep your pc in its normal place while still being able to use your Steam account and your pc hardware without moving the machine to the living room.

incred1bl3ss3224d ago

I think that it is an interesting idea but software is what Valve does and they done a good job in that point of view

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The story is too old to be commented.