One Hit Pixel: Just Add Water On Why The HD Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Is New ‘n’ Tasty

One Hit Pixel speaks to Lorne Lanning and Stewart Gilray from Just Add Water (JAW) about the upcoming titles in the Oddworld universe and just why most game companies are more Lady Gaga than Pink Floyd.

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jessupj3218d ago

"I heard there was a dispute over the size cap?

Lorne: That isn’t the case anymore. We’re a micro-publisher, so we want to self-publish. The current model for Xbox Live is that you have to go through one of the boxed product publishers. That means, even though we pay for 100% of the development, 100% of the publishing and bring a complete game to the table, Microsoft are demanding that we bring 20%-30% of the profit to a publisher who had nothing to do with the game. We kinda have a problem with that! We want to be on there, but it isn’t exactly looking out for the little guy."

And people wonder why gamers hate MS. They could easily be flexible and work with JAW to find a solution. It would be a win for 360 owners as well having access to Stranger's wrath.

But thanks to MS's childish stubbornness to want to control everything gamers and JAW miss out.

This is just one story in their cesspool of chronicles. And idiots still defend them.

Saturne33218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Microsfot still cares about games for gamers but the same thing doesnt apply with big budget releases im afraid (new ip´s).

SkirkRidgeEX3218d ago

I've actually chased Microsoft for comment on this matter. Will put a post with the response.