How Assassin's Creed III Is Hurting Liberation

With the upcoming release of Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed III:Liberation Ubisoft has already screwed up their chances of Liberation's release before either game is even out.

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majiebeast3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I will probably still buy both and just switch between them same as i did with tl2 and bl2. I think the holiday season this year is less crowded then last year so i think you can easily pick up liberation later especially if you dont like bo2.

Anon19743222d ago

I wonder what else his magic, crystal ball is telling him. I mean, two games on two separate consoles launching at the same time before the holiday season? It's like Potter and Voldemort. One has to die for the other to exist.

Give me a break.

Aceman183222d ago

hahaha i agree i have both paid in full, and i'm just waiting for release day.

i'll switch back and forth between the two. worst gaming generation ever media, gamers wise.

miyamoto3222d ago

I noticed lately bloggers have nothing sensible to write about. Just doom & gloom stuff like its the end of Sony & what not.

Goes to show Sony is these bloggers bread and butter. Without Sony to bash they have no job since the PS3 pre launch period.

doogiebear3222d ago

I think u should get Black Ops 2 later, and get Liberation immediately. COD = Children's Online Daycare. It'll probably dissapoint like MW 3 and RE 6 did, even if it sells a ton.

Magic_Spatula3222d ago

I agree with the article that it was a bad move to release both games on the same date. Should've released one or the other a month or so ahead of schedule, and implemented the cross buy feature. Also, they should've advertised Liberation more or as much as they did AC3. I feel that AC:L didn't get as much exposure and could be the system pusher Sony needs for the Vita. We'll see what happens after the holiday season.

Vitalogy3222d ago

Cross-buy is usually directly conected to cross-play. Those games are completely different from each other when it comes to story, might have some similarities but no cross-play which means no cross-buy. Although it could've been a good move from sony, linking the 2 games, but then again they would be offering a completely different game for free (cross-play tittles are exactly the same but on a different platform) which I don't see it happen.

wastedcells3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

It is an odd choice to release both at the same time especially considering the numbers. Most vita owners have a ps3. If this game came out first vita owners would have something really special. I'm still getting both but that's a lot of game for one day. Same goes with need for speed. I think they both (vita/ps3) come out on 30th as well.

Grap3222d ago

yah the same day is a bit of problem that could hurt some money for ubi.. dunno how ubi couldn't see it.

KUV19773222d ago

Getting both too but as many others I agree that it would have been much smarter to space them apart a few weeks or at least sell a AC3/AC:L-Bundle.

MiamiACR213222d ago

Liberation hurt itself the minute the main character was announced as being female. Cue lots of suppressed emotions, lots of pseudo macho crap, and a romantic plot that ends with the man dying and a final revenge sequence.

SAE3222d ago

what ? i would love to play as a female character , it would bring a different experience in story aspect , it's something new and i welcome that ...

it doesn't hurt me to release it the same day so i don't care what people say , if you are a fan you will hide money to get both in same day , i didn't but still gonna buy them one way or another , it's a must buy in both consoles :P...

Aceman183222d ago

gonna disagree with you i love the fact that its a female lead. both are paid in full

shammgod3222d ago

And your argument hurt itself the minute you started typing it

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