EuroGamer Expo 2012 - Abe's Oddysee Developer Session

The conference began with creator Lorne Lanning discussing the process of making the original Abe games. He described the idea as being similar to a band, a creative project rather than a money making scheme like so many other franchises.

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Relientk773219d ago

I love the Oddworld series cant wait for the new HD game

bubblebeam3219d ago

Me too. I always dreamed about this and Soul Reaver getting re-released.

I thought this was going to be a simple HD update version when they first announced it, and I was still super excited for it.

Now, it looks so beautiful. They have completely re-done the graphics, and now it looks like the best side-scroller ever. I don't buy many games day 1, but this I am not missing out on for a second.

RiseAbove3219d ago

Day one purchase! I love Abe!