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EuroGamer Italy: "Spike ChunSoft's effort to create a hardcore, Kinect-based Dragon Ball experience is not that good. The basic gameplay mechanics are ok, but they have failed in being entertaining due to the lack of variety. The reaction time of the hardware is quite a problem too, slowing down the pace of the fights. Younger Dragon Ball fans will be ok with the game anyway, just cause it's too cool to throw a Kamehameha in real-life."

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Optical_Matrix3215d ago

From what I've seen, 5/10 seems generous.

majiebeast3215d ago

Reviewer probably played it drunk thats how kinect games are supposed to be played.

Shadonic3215d ago

you must not have read or listened to the instructions if you belive that.

Shadonic3215d ago

I agree it is genrous and seeing as ive bought spikes previous DBZ its still the same i can also see how there new with the kinect when the game had hard time reading the moves this is a programming or design problem because 99% of the moves in this game have been done on a previous Kinect title (power up heroes) and all the controls on that game work. This is just spike being spike being lazy jumping on the DBZ bandwagon trying to gain income for there last crappy DBZ game through kinect.

Shadonic3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I'm not saying the games good, im just saying that you would have to be blind,ignorant,or a 12 year old COD kid to not see the similarities between ultimate tenkaichi and this game there both developed by the same studio.

@%$^ my spelling but real talk as someone whose studying in the field of game design and also someone thats bought Spikes previous game I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that this is the same game replastered with kinect controls on top of the fighting mechanics from their previous game you have YouTube just search up gameplay from each game and look at the similarities they both have the choice feature from ultimate tenkaichi they kept all the major things besides multiplayer theres the recycled scenes from ultimate tenkichi in this kinect title ( like seriously its the same scenes).

LiquidSword933215d ago

Will there ever be a an absolute kick-ass DBZ video game? I'd like to hope so but I fear not :(

ClimateKaren3215d ago

The RPG on the Super Famicom was pretty awesome.

Baka-akaB3215d ago

the last good dbz fighting game imo was Saiyan legend 2 and 3 on supernes/super famicom .

The rest is the usual insipid eye candy , usually pretty well cellshaded , sometimes very badly , with a stupid gameplay even worse than naruto with mostly teleports , and slow as hell .

A far cry from the supposed fast pace of the anime and manga dbz fights

vork773215d ago

this game is more of a 0/10

Grenade3215d ago

Yeah, but only because review scores are not allowed to go below zero.

vork773215d ago

then how about 0.1/10

Baka-akaB3215d ago

then you still need to come up with something amounting to a value of 0.1 wihin the game

vork773215d ago

the 0.1% is the preorder item lol

Ben_Grimm3215d ago

Do you get to stand in one place for 20 whole minutes grunting and powering up just to get your ass kicked?

Cause a DBZ just wouldn't be DBZ without that.

smashcrashbash3215d ago

That was Yamcha's specialty. Power up, jump in,die, bring him back with the Dragon Balls, repeat.

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