Echochrome PSP/PS3 price difference explained

The PSP version of Echochrome costs twice as much as the PS3 version, but Siliconera explains there is reason for the extra money. All of the answers are found over at Impress Watch (Japanese).

The PlayStation 3 version is actually "Echochrome: Jokyoku" or "Echochrome: Prelude" in English. For 1,800 yen ($17) you get a get a sample of Echochrome by tasting 50 puzzles. The 3,980 yen ($37) PSP version contains 100 puzzles and multiple modes including a variation where you have to avoid walking dark echoes.

Fortunately, both versions come with canvas mode, which lets players create and upload puzzles on the PlayStation Network or transfer data via the PSP's Ad-Hoc mode. With this new information the PSP version is more tantalizing. However, the cheaper PlayStation 3 version supports users-created content, which devalues the addition of the extra 50 puzzles.

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Iron Man 25094d ago

I'll be getting both versions so I can enjoy Echochrome on the go on my PSP,and when I'm at home PLAYING B3YOND on my PS3,Echochrome is going to be a sweet puzzler,I can't wait!;)

games4fun5094d ago (Edited 5094d ago )

actually quite understandable reasons twice the ammount of puzzles and extra modes twice the cost but i would get the cheap ps3 version just because i can create and download which over time will become more valuable

jackdoe5094d ago

True. However, a portable puzzle game is worth the price as well.

games4fun5094d ago

whoever disagreed with me and jackdoe disagreed with me stating the ps3 version was better and jackdoe saying the portable version was better is it comments in general you disagree with?

meepmoopmeep5094d ago

i can't wait to get the UMD version

MADGameR5094d ago

Darn it! I need a job! >_<

iheartSONY5094d ago

Yea you need a job and when you get one can call me I need one too. This game is gonna kick AZZ!

Liquid_Ocelot4863d ago

Holla @ the kid, i need a job too... dam u school LMAO

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The story is too old to be commented.