Six things I wish Borderlands 2 did differently

GameZone writes, "Borderlands 2 is an amazingly fun game. However, even with all the improvements, I feel that after all this time Gearbox had to make this sequel, there were some things left untouched that absolutely deserved to be fixed. Likewise some of the new additions weren't properly utilized."

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paydayp3215d ago

why do people ask for dps?
dps wont work with this game. cause u have reload speed and more importantly accuracy and even recoil to keep in mind.
it can't be shown in dps.
like with hyperion guns they shoot all over the place at first but how longer u keep firing how straighter the shot.
why wont anybody get that

wynams3215d ago

If DPS can reliably be calculated by modders in 3rd party add-ons for WoW (all different possibilities for haste, to hit, talents, racials, etc.) then surely there is someone at Gearbox who could take a better stab at it than just punting.

jjb19813215d ago

I agree on 5 out of 6... I don't spend that much time in vehicle and when I do I avoid car fights and get out and handle those bastards on foot

Captain Qwark 93215d ago

i dont like cars so i disagree with that

dps i could care less about

agree with the rest.

one thing i wish was added though was armor, it seems like it could easily work in this game and would give players even more loot to get! but the skins was still an upgrade so thats sweet. either way the game si still amazing

MasterD9193215d ago

Shift & Golden Keys...I like the idea, but not the execution. Golden Keys should be earned, not given away (through Twitter nonetheless). Shift is inconvenient when there are only a few thousand reedemable users per code. It's you and 10,000 other people running to input a code in for that 1 key.

The DPS is also annoying, I certainly agree there.

But Zero is awesome. On my first playthrough with him right now and I have no complaints. The melee option (for any character) was always and still is underwhelming...thats why you upgrade that feature and build up some melee power.

All and all, great game with minor faults. Most games that come out these days don't come close to perfection like BL2 did.

Sketchy_Galore3215d ago

Wasn't Zero able to upgrade to the ability to dash toward the enemy while swinging his sword almost like a shorter distance version of the Biotic charge from Mass effect? I remember that from pre-release gameplay videos. Did they remove it or has the substance abuse just finally ruined my memory?

iamgoatman3215d ago

Yep, the skill allows you to dash forward a short distance when an enemy is in your crosshairs and release a powerful melee attack. You can activate it at long range as well even if the dash attack doesn't connect, if you do this repeatedly you can close gaps very quickly, not to mention essentially fly towards airborne enemies.

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