The PS Vita Hacking Scene Suffers a Major Setback

Kotaku - From dedicated memory cards to required internet connection to move files, Sony has taken extra precautionary measures with the PS Vita to prevent the hacking of its hand-held console. This is understandable, considering what happened with the PS3 and PSP. So when a new exploit was released that would allow users to play pirated PSP games on their PS Vitas, it seemed like a victory for the hackers over Sony. But in truth, it was a blow to the hacker community, with almost Shakespearean drama in the background.

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tachy0n2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

funny because custom firmware was released yesterday for the PSVita.

"internet connection to move files"


its a handheld device which cant have internet connection all the time because you are on the go!

one more BS like that Sony and im selling my PSVita, buying a used PSP and a PS3 hack them and pirate all the games i can possibly find.

tired of all this BS from corporations.

funny how sony tries to intimidate ColdBird and Wololo and fail miserably, just like Dark_Alex, they will not simply care and release all the work they want.

before disagreeing, just think, as a PSVita owner i feel sony does not care about the PSVita, marketing on the PSVita is crap (not that much TV or internet ads as the competitions) which means developers will run away from the PSVita, also, PSMobile sucks big time, u cant use the full potential of the PSVita at all also forgot to mention that after evry PSN update the PSVita gets nothing! instead of bringing more PS1 or PSP games they dont simply care!!

@ disagrees, funny how most of you just click that button without showing a counter argument, this proves you must be sheeps just like those Apple fanboys..

Grenade2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

""internet connection to move
its a handheld device which
cant have internet connection
all the time because you are
on the go!"
So, you bring your PC around with you while your on the bus?

gta28002295d ago

"as a PSVita owner i feel sony does not care about the PSVita"

If that was the case, Sony would never take any of the measures you just complained about. They actually did that because they do care about it. Without those features these hackers would of lead the Vita to it's doom before it even takes off. I hear developers are already shying away from the imagine a hacked one is gonna wanna makes games that are just gonna get ripped off by a bunch of bums.

ronin4life2295d ago

That is stupid, but it doesn't seem worth hacking a console for or being so angry about...
And in the Vita's(somewhat)defence, the 3g model is always connected to the internet... so...

sikbeta2295d ago

tachy0n blames on corporations for running a business with the purpose of getting money, what's up commie!

You "feel" bad about Sony not supporting Vita and your answer is to pirate the s#*t out of it?

Just WOW! how you explain the bit about pirating PS3 too? did you "feel" it's no supported too?

This more like typical BS pirates spew to hide their lame @ss morality, it's what people know as *excuse*

Another excuse is the "but teh homebrewz" phrase they always use, because they own the HW, for some reason, they're allowed to emulate HW from another manufacturer/corporation/you-n ame-it and don't pay for it, this s their logic for stealing games too:

"I already bought the hardware, why *wasting* money on games, lets just wait for someone to provide the tools to pirate the games...oh! I mean *make backups of my games*... but without owning the hard copy first"

Those who pirate/steal games of any gaming system just suck


Nice, hackers will kill the Vita before anyone else, like if it wasn't bad already with lacking support from it, now added piracy will make things even worse, developers will evade the damn thing like plague

Those who own a Vita, enjoy your 2 Third Party Game-PORTS per year thanks to hackers

ziggurcat2295d ago

i hate having to waste a bubble, but here goes nothing:

1. are you seriously that concerned with the ability to transfer files while you're "on the go"?

2. there is the 3G model, which is always connected to the internet, but in order to transfer any files, you need to use the USB cable, so you couldn't do that while traveling anyways. nerd raging over something that trivial, which can't even be accomplished unless you're at home to begin with, just makes you look like a f***ing idiot.

3. "one more BS like that Sony and im selling my PSVita, buying a used PSP and a PS3 hack them and pirate all the games i can possibly find."

if you think pirating games is okay, then you're part of the reason why we can't have nice things. you're part of the reason why sony removed linux support, you're part of the reason why corporations put in no-class-action-lawsuit clauses into their EULAs, etc...

if people like you weren't huge d**ks about everything, maybe sony/MS/nintendo would be more receptive to opening up their systems.

4. have you used PS mobile? how do you know it "sucks big time"?

5. "funny how sony tries to intimidate ColdBird and Wololo and fail miserably, just like Dark_Alex, they will not simply care and release all the work they want."

right... just like how sony took geohot to court, and had his *** handed to him after he released everything?

badz1492295d ago

I'm no fan of corporate BS like DRM, DLCs etc. but a self-righteous pirates are why these corporate BS are taking over now!

pirate the games, software, in fact...everything all you want, I DON'T CARE but don't come in front and fvcking brag about it! and then don't you dare complaining and whining when corporations are making it hard for you to do your dirty work! pirates are the origins of all these DRM BS and paying customers are forced to deal with the BS alongside pirates! you're already ruining the fun for everybody with your self-entitlement of free stuff so shut your whining up your own ass!

you think Sony does not care about the Vita? REALLY?! when they are securing the Vita even more secure than Apple with its devices it's the indication that they are not caring? introduction of cross compatible games saves between PS3 and Vita is not caring? announcing cross buy feature for upcoming games is not caring? introduction of PS mobile so the Vita will have more smartphones like games is not caring? software updates so the Vita can play PSP and PS1 games is not caring? extending PS+ offer to the Vita is not caring? updating games for remote play is not caring?

after all these and all you can come up with is "Sony does not care about the PSVita"?? what Sony doesn't care about is in the interest of PIRATES like yourself! just shut up and go sit in the corner!

Jason_Tanner2295d ago

Oh, boo hoo!! Yeah you go throw your prepubescent temper tantrum here on N4G because "big bad sony wants to protect their investment". Seriously, grow the F--k up already kid.

It can have internet connection all the time if you have a 3G model, dummy-no-jobby.

And it's obvious that the only reason that you want the Vita to be hacked is so you can pirate all the games you want and rob the developers of their time and work so don't act like sony blocking hackers one more time is going to be the thing that sets you off to pirate games because you're a douche and a pirate/thief and it's all you want to do to begin with.

If you want to b-tch about what you think is wrong with the Vita then go make a post on the playstation blog about it. By the way, who the hell buys a system because of their marketing anyway?? I mean really, get a f-cking grip dip sh-t.

For the record, Dark_Alex did end up caring and these other hackers are just in it for some interent fame and recognition, period.

Seriously, you're just f--king pathetic kid. Bitching about your pathetic and superficial first world problems, just do us all a big favor and punch yourself as hard as you can in the crotch asap.

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GribbleGrunger2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Great news! What I'd like to also see is all those people who backed him and any to suffer as a consequence. A great day for people like me who hate the grubby little greedy supporters who think they're gamers. This is just so funny

tachy0n2295d ago Show
GribbleGrunger2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

'Hello... we are Anonymous. We don't believe in naming ourselves. We are Anonymous.' LOL

Yeah, I really discredit this bunch of morons. The mask is from V for Vendetta by the way, just to stop any confusion

An observation: Your reaction is so strong that I have to assume you are an advocate of theft, and therefore a crook. Do you steal groceries too, or do you prefer playing it safe and steal from the internet? What's it like getting a potential theft taken away from you? I'm really interested in the mentality.

@tachy0n: Anonymous are a bunch of jumped up little no nothings that hide behind anonymity. If you want true intelligent thinking, try the Zeitgeist movement. They're not afraid to show their faces and don't STEAL.

edgeofsins2295d ago


Like GribbleGrunger said. The mask is originally from V For Vendetta which is about a government taking near full control over its people and the media to sort of brainwash people. In other words justice. It isn't right to download music for free. Same with video games.

Also, Anonymous is stupid. They overreact greatly and they think every piece of information should be known to everyone. Which is stupid. They thought Sony was abusing their consumers for no good reason when they treat their consumers a lot better then the competition.

GribbleGrunger2295d ago

The only corporation you need to worry about is America, their affiliation with Israel, the trillion dollars of debt they have with china, the militarization of their police force and the ever growing numbers of Fema camps throughout America. That's what you should be interested in, not getting games for nothing on the Vita.

Cryptcuzz2295d ago

Anyone disagreeing with the GribbleGrunger is for not.

What he is saying is true about the increasing FEMA camps and the Militarization of the Police force as well as its relationship with other countries.

I for one am glad this was leaked for Sony to stop. Last thing I want for the Vita is less developer support because of easy access to pirated games. Cheers.

LOL_WUT2295d ago

Ok, leave America out of this.

neogeo2295d ago Show
pixelsword2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )


He can't because America is into everyone and everything else.

At any rate, I'm indifferent because Hackers are important in the sense they have prevented corporate oppression in many cases like showing that DX11 could run on older Microsoft software, that phones could be jailbroken, that corporations put spyware into stuff you own. They also help against oppression in other countries and that's the best example of why people should never be fully against hackers.

I don't like it when hackers disrupt services that no one is complaining about, like when they attacked Sony's free internet service, causing Sony to take the service offline for a while. There was no cause for that and it only made public opinion go against them. There was no justification for the attack other than the already proven fact that certain people wanted to merely attack Sony's online service. The actual hackers weren't even the ones cheerleading for it, just a bunch of lazy people who were a part of anonymous who didn't help in any of the good things that anonymous were known for.

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Christopher2294d ago

Eh, he'll be back. They tend to always return unless there is a major change in their personal life. This isn't that. So, he'll crawl under a rock for a few months and come back to hack the same device or something else that gains his interest.

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TekoIie2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

The hacking community act like gangs. Its kind of funny when you look at it XD

Kurt Russell2295d ago

Well... they act like communities, and stick together.

yewles12295d ago ShowReplies(7)
Cam9772295d ago

Yes! Stop the stealing scum!