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CalmDownTom says, "The biggest problem with Borderlands 2 is that it’s Borderlands 2. Alright, review’s done, let’s go home…"

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Winter47th3214d ago

Who the fuck approved this?

Adexus3214d ago

He really needs to calm down with his approvals.

joel_c173214d ago

This happens every time a big game gets released. 90% of reviews are very positive ie.8,9,10s then one site seeking hits gives it a 4,5,6 in order to get hits. Happens. Every. Time.

LightofDarkness3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

You can't just write off dissenting opinions so flippantly. I personally am enjoying the heck out of Borderlands 2, but I can see his point. It isn't a very good sequel; and if that's the criteria that he is judging the game by, then he has a point.

Borderlands 2 is more of the same, with some refinements. While that may be very enjoyable for people who didn't play the first or enjoyed the first enough that enjoying the second as much isn't a problem (I'm the latter), there will be some who wanted something more.

This is more like a Megaman X 2 than a Yoshi's Island, or a Modern Warfare 3 than a Half Life 2. For some, that's justification enough to lose it some pretty big points.

Like I said, I would be giving this game something like an 8.5 for personal enjoyment, but I can certainly understand why others might be disappointed.

However, this is a pretty poorly written review and his complaints/criticisms are far from well supported or competently argued. Zero Punctuation's review is far more in depth on this level of criticism.

Voxelman3214d ago

Borderlands 2 is exactly what I wanted in a sequel to Borderlands, more, bigger, better, Borderlands.

bubblebeam3214d ago

That's why the video game industry has to disregard reviews that are quite far off the average. If 100 people give it a 9, and 1 douche gives it 2-3 marks lower than the average, it has to be disregarded and not count to the aggregate score.

I'm all for peoples opinions, BUT reviews play a VERY important role in a games success, and consumers need to be able to rely on reviews for an accurate measure of the games' standing amongst the sea of other games.

christheredhead3214d ago

Of course it happens, not everyone likes the same kind of game. Thats the point of having multiple reviews. Someone might view the game as having more flaws/negatives than positives. I really don't see whats the big deal.

This guy doesn't like the game as much so he wrote a review explaining why and adjusted his score accordingly. So what? Why would he score it the same as everyone else if he didn't like the game?

SolidDuck3214d ago

Ya agree, this is just to get hits, cause borderlands 2 is awesome.

LiquidSword933214d ago

What a crock of shit. Borderlands is tits.

Darth Gamer3214d ago

Your comment made me choke on my coffee. lol I was just having a conversation with my students the other day on how the term for something being "good" has changed over the years. He said Fat, and I asked him if he meant FAT or Phat. He never heard of Phat before. Then I told him back when I was in High School, our word for something really good was Tits". The look on his face was priceless.

Alos883214d ago

This review lacks depth, you barely go into the gameplay and your main complaint (and the one you spend 50% of the review on) is that it's too much like the original.

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