What's With All the Dismal Resident Evil 6 Reviews?

Resident Evil 6 is in a pickle, caught in a narrow, lightless corridor of its own design and swarmed by critics using words like hacked off limbs to bludgeon it into Metacritic mediocrity.

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NYC_Gamer3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Resident Evil 6 is just another game ruined by trying to be all mainstream while taking a crap on original fans

GrieverSoul3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

What they all said! :)

The sad thing about this game is that its called Resident Evil for the simple fact that that name alone sells. If the name sells the game, it means fans want more of the same they had the last time with the obvious upgrades, new plot and improvements where needed. But the core of the game, is there. Hence the Resident Evil name.

However, thats not what people are getting. This is Modern Warfare 3 in 3rd person, not a Resident Evil game.

EDIT: And Im not saying its a bad game. Though, its not my cup of tea. Still, I think if Capcom named it B.O.W.s Warfare it wouldn´t of backlashed like it did. But it wouldnt sell has many copies as it did with "Resident Evil" words on the cover. Hell, look at the Racoon City spin off... Terrible game all around but still managed to sell a few millions copies.

Digimortal3216d ago

B.O.W Warfare. What a joke. The game is Resident Evil not COD, not gears or any other type of game. It's Resident Evil the whole way through. Using that excuse of "Oh its action so there by its not Resident Evil" Is such a stupid aspect to say that this isn't RE. Is there elements of Survival Horror in the game? Of course there. Does it bother me that action plays a big role it in? NO cause it makes sense to the story and thats what makes RE, RE. For me it does.

Robotronfiend3216d ago

My Roomba has better AI than RE6 companions. In fact, I'd prefer to have the Roomba as a co-op partner - at least it could vacuum up extra ammo or something.

kparks3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

funny u said that because in leons campaign u shoot some little bomb robots that look like roombas me and my roommate were laughing about it.. the game is absolute crap tho..

MWH3216d ago

what everybody said.

OC_MurphysLaw3216d ago

The demo left me feeling conflicted. I honestly felt like there were some things to really like about this game...but man for every one thing you liked it felt like there were two or three things that just annoyed.

I wish they had never gone the direction of co-op for this series in campaign. I would have been more than happy to see them do some kind of objective horde mode for this but having that coop character present just takes away from the experience of you against the odds in my opinion. I liked the feeling of just walking / exploring and hearing nothing but the sounds of the area... not your stupid coop partner saying something lame every 30 secs.

Its just one of many examples of where I think this series went wrong.

kparks3215d ago

Exactly this game tries to be everything

leons= half ass RE attempt no puzzles or bosses worth remembering matter fact i dont remember there being any bosses except for the main guy WTF!!

Chris= Modern warfare attempt! enough said!

Jake= James Bond lol yes from the flying out the back of the plain, jumping snowmobiles off cliffs and even jumping a ninja bike off a 40 story building AND LANDING haha. and lets not forget what makes all bond games SHERRY!!

too bad it fails hard at it all

Eyeco3215d ago

Its a game series that's finally lost its identity, you can't even call it a survival horror, let alone a Resident Evil game.

But that would be fine if it was at least a good action game but its not, the game is completely generic and forgettable.

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RivetCityGhoul3216d ago

"What's With All the Dismal Resident Evil 6 Reviews?" its pretty obvious reviewers don't like the game idiot.

CoryHG3216d ago

And its pretty obvious this site is trying to cash in on hits. I didn't click it. I like how troll articles get approved on here constantly that are basically duplicates

miyamoto3216d ago

First of all they ruined Chris Redfield's integrity & character.

Carl_Shocker3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I think Piers was the problem aswell, he sucked, he's just a bland, boring character that I just couldn't care for, just like Sheva in RE5

Same goes for Jake and Helena...they all brought other characters down

Barry should of been Chris's partner along with Jill and Rebbeca in his team and Claire should of been with Sherry/Leon...maybe a small helping hand from Carlos.

Seriously adding pointless characters to the series when others who fans like havent been used for ages bugs me about Capcom

Glad they wern't used now though since the game was so crap.

Kratoscar20083216d ago

Ark thompson (RE survivor protagonist) should be with Leon.

MasterD9193216d ago

I liked Helena more than the other allies...At least she had a bit more to offer. Piers is another story though. I'm hoping he meets his demise in the campaign, although I haven't had a chance to see yet for myself.

Jake as a character is cliche to the max as well.

Sevir3216d ago

Enjoy the game for yourself, the great thing about this medium is that there will be things you love and others will think its either ok, dislike or Hate and on the flip side for you. It's all subjective opinion.

Me personally, I enjoy it. There are plenty of questionable design choices but a few bad implimentations of controls but not enough to mar the experience totally for me. And at this point I'm ok with it. It isn't broken but it isn't polished either. What it is is solid enough for enjoyment for me.

Anon19743216d ago

That's what the bulk of reviews seem to be saying (aside from Gamespot and the plethora of wordpress blog sites out there). When you check out metacritic, the majority of reviews are positive, a handful of mixed and one negative review. It certainly isn't the slaughter that some of these sites are painting it as.

But that's the internet for you. As I stated in another post, if I let internet over-reaction dictate what games I played, I wouldn't play anything at all. I had a blast with the co-op in RE5. If 6 is anything like that, I see no reason why I'd pass it up. Sure they aren't the RE games of old, which is too bad, but it's not like that suddenly makes them bad games. Same happened with Dragon Age 2 in my opinion. On it's own merits it's not a good rpg, but held up against the original it doesn't compare, and most of the posters you saw just couldn't deal with that. Personally, I had fun with DA2. The only really problems I has with it was when I was comparing it directly with DAO.

I'm sure RE6 is much the same. From what I understand, there are moments in this game that are sheer brilliance but there are also a number of lows. To me, that sounds worth a play-thru.

aquamala3216d ago

Enjoying it too, has flaws but no way this is a 3/4/5 out of 10 game

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