Top 5 Sega Games that Need to Be Re-Released

BT writes: With Sega re-releasing many of its classic titles, like Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure 2, and NiGHTS, it makes you think about which titles haven’t been re-released in the last few years. Sure, I can play Sonic CD, but what if I want to play Kolibri without hunting down a Genesis, a 32x, and a working cartridge? (What? Sometimes I get the urge to play a game that has me play as a hummingbird powered by a space crystal.)

Today, let’s take a look at the games we’d like to see re-released. The rules for this list are simple: the game had to have been published by Sega in the past and no ports of the game could have been released this console cycle, unless the port is no longer available. Please enjoy this list and feel free to share your own picks in the comments section.

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Yi-Long3221d ago

... I would also like to see a HD re-release of F-ZeroGX, which was developed by Sega.

xflo3603220d ago

The reason sega has been in financial trouble is because they were releasing games that no sega fan wanted... until recently that is and now it seems like they finally woke up with games like nights hd, jet set radio and sonic adventure 2!
Hopefully this will pave the way for shenmue 1,2 and 3, skies of arcadia and a new burning rangers ( i know wishfull thinkin on that last on ).

BlackIceJoe3220d ago

I am so happy to see Panzer Dragoon as number one. I so would love to download Panzer Dragoon Saga. That is one of my favorite RPGs. I also would love to enjoy the other Panzer Dragoon games again.