'Cut the Rope' TV game show announced by Sony Pictures

Cut the Rope will be transformed into a TV game show, Sony Pictures has announced.

Sony's television division has partnered with Cut the Rope developer ZeptoLab to deliver a live action game show based around the game's Om Nom character.

The deal also grants Sony Pictures Television a first look at all properties developed by ZeptoLab in the future.

"Every hour of every day, app producers are creating new ways to entertain global audiences, with Cut the Rope offering one of the most striking examples," explained Sony Picture Television's Wayne Garvie.

"ZeptoLab is a pioneer in bringing innovative, witty and addictive apps to the world. We share a similar passion and ambition at SPT and this collaboration will lead to forms of entertainment across all possible partners," he added.

ZeptoLab CEO Misha Lyalin, meanwhile, said that the deal would bring the game to life in a "brand new, interactive way".

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JBSleek3221d ago

I could see Draw Something be a gameshow but cut the rope? Weird

darthv723221d ago

i also enjoy where's my water and the where's my perry spinoff.

f7897903221d ago

Draw Something has already been done.

It was called Chalk Zone on Nickelodeon.

JBSleek3221d ago

Is Chalk Zone a game show?

MaximusPrime3221d ago

Draw Something was confirmed couple of months ago.

Armyntt3221d ago

Cut the rope is my favorite all time phone game.

Cam9773221d ago

For goodness sake! Who will watch this tripe?