Bethesda's Battlecry Studios is working on a Free-To-Play Online game for current-gen platforms

DSOGaming writes: "What’s more interesting here though, is that – according to the available job listings for this new studio - Battlecry Studios seems to be working on a free-to-play online game for current-generation platforms."

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nihonlight3220d ago

Sorry boycotting Bethesda.
Too many lies.

glennco3220d ago

shame, they still make great games

majiebeast3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

If they work. For me the games have way too many obvious bugs and alot of them game breaking Skyrim was full of em even on pc lets not even talk about the ps3 version.

mynameisEvil3220d ago

No, not really. Skyrim is fantastic at having a world that's fun to exlpore, but it's one of the most shallow "RPGs" in recent memory. It's a decent game that's nice to pop in sometimes so you can explore dungeons and look at some pretty vistas, but it's not exactly top-notch quality.

nihonlight3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Great in "concept" not in "performance".
In all actually their game arts and ideas are awesome
The honesty, customer support, PR, and programming are notoriouly bad.

Irishguy953220d ago

Shoulda known that since Oblivion released...

aquamala3220d ago

I'm boycotting ps3 for not being to able to run skyrim properly

Hicken3220d ago

Funny, it seems like only developers that can't code properly have games that don't run well on PS3.

And it seems like only Bethesda has such issues... repeatedly.

So why are you "boycotting" a console that has no problem playing properly coded games?

SPAM-FRITTER-1233220d ago

"Sorry boycotting Bethesda.
Too many lies"

PS3 owner?

PC had Console Commands and Mod fixes for them issues.

Damn even Xbox runs TES:5 at a decent level.

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josephayal3220d ago

let me say skyrim was the second best game i have ever played following fallout 3. Bethesda are worlds number one for open world games

nihonlight3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I agree the creativity the worlds they're AWESOME.
But the lies and silence to the ps3 community are UNACCEPTABLE.
They KNEW the ps3 version of the game had problems.
They still released without optimizing the code for split ram
(This is why 4j studios port of oblivion ran fine)
They lied and ripped off a community while at the SAME time
Took Microsofts money for exclusively when they KNEW they didn't need it because they KNEW the ps3 version could not support DLC.

Boycott Bethesda.

Ducky3220d ago

It's funny how people refuse to recognize the difference between Bethesda, the developer, and Bethesda, the publisher.

Battlecry studios is a new developer, and they're making a free-to-play game.
Your boycott does nothing to hurt the people who made Skyrim.

Blankman853220d ago

I still say that the best thing to do in such cases is develop and release pc and 360 versions of the game first. Then they can take a year porting over to ps3 properly.
On topic, more games from Bethesda, count me in.

Moncole3220d ago

You should try more games if you think those are the best games ever made.

MysticStrummer3220d ago

Bethesda is great at making open worlds that appear detailed on the surface but are actually quite shallow. I've played all the Elder Scrolls games and they haven't changed all that much since the first one, except to be slightly more dumbed down each time. As an old school Dungeons and Dragons nerd I do enjoy them, but if you think Bethesda are the best devs you must not demand much from your games. It's your opinion though and that's cool, but Fallout 3 was one of the most overrated games this gen in my eyes.

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Bimkoblerutso3220d ago

...I don't want to play a free-to-play MMO by anyone, really. That market is an ever-growing thorn in this industries side.