X360A - Halo 4 Campaign Hands-On Preview - The Hardest Halo Yet? Me Thinks So

X360A - Before I go on further, let me start by clarifying a few things: I have completed Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: ODST and Halo Reach, all on legendary and all on my lonesome. Despite all of that Halo experience, upon going hands-on with Halo 4, one thing struck us about the title and that was how hard it's shaping up to be. And we only played it on normal difficulty as well.

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GuruStarr783225d ago

Sounds like 343 is really going to do this game justice..

Intentions3225d ago

Lol yeah. Hopefully it ain't as annoying as Halo 2's campaign.

FarCryLover1823225d ago

What was annoying about Halo 2's campaign? The difficulty level? Yes it was hard, but pretty pretty pretty good.

camel_toad3225d ago

I'm just super glad they already said the flood won't be in it. Worst part of the halo campaign imo.

marcmjm3225d ago

Yes! This Campaign will be impossible! You know what that means???? Increased length and/or re playability. 343 knows the community likes a good challenge!

Rageanitus3225d ago

The thing is halo 1> 3 were not that difficult to begin with.

dark-hollow3225d ago

Play solo on legendary difficulty.

FragMnTagM3225d ago

Gamertag please, so I can see your completion on legendary solo.

FarCryLover1823225d ago

If it doesnt win GOTY, it should at least have Shooter of Year in the bag already.

mochachino3224d ago

Bungie handled difficulty perfectly for heroic and legendary imo. It actually made you feel skilled and was difficult without being cheap.

Some levels were terribly monotonous but I found heroic required just enough skill to make you feel like the universes greatest soldier without being too easy and legendary rewarded persistence without being frustrating (most of the time).