GoNintendo 'good, bad, ugly' review - Mega Brain Boost

If you absolutely, positively, must-have all the training games available for DS, then GoNintendo guesses you'll need this game. It makes much more sense to buy this collection instead of Gamma and Beta by themselves. Still though, The reviewer feels you'll be sorely disappointed with the package. There just isn't enough to do here, even with 3 games in 1, and the price of $20. You can only go so far by improving your score, and all the activities are unlocked from the get-go. GoNintendo honestly cannot see any reasons for you to come back to this game after the initial play through. That's not to say that the game is broken, or that it's absolutely terrible… it's just not compelling. At most… you could enjoy one day with Mega Brain Boost. After that, you'll start to regret the purchase.

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