10 Video Game Hoaxes That Completely Fooled Everyone

WC writes: I write this article from the perspective of someone who actually enjoys a good gaming hoax, provided of course that I haven’t been the one to fall for it and as a result spent innumerable wasted hours in pursuit of something that isn’t really there. Often elaborate, often based on nuggets of truth and sometimes even propagated by wishful thinking on our part, a good hoax can bring the gaming community together, can create discussion and blind belief the likes of which is usually reserved for the urban legend.

This article celebrates those hoaxes, the ones that we could help but believe, couldn’t help wanting to believe. So, without further chatter, let’s jump directly in.

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matgrowcott3225d ago

Definitely should have been on the list. I believe this was an April fools some years back, but I remember it getting a lot of attention at the time. MGS2 - on the Xbox? With additional parts where you can play with Snake?

Of course, it almost came true - more than once - but the secret "Snake" campaign never turned up.

roadkillers3225d ago

There's a black guy having sex with a girl at the bottom of the it says "Yes, that is your daughter"

TheLyonKing3225d ago

If you go to gametrailers pop fiction, a lot of that top ten list is in there.

I only beleived the big foot one out of them all.

nihonlight3225d ago

The biggest videogame hoax I've seen this gen was
Bethesda saying "the ps3 version of skyrim has parity with the 360"
Followed up by the ps3 box saying "add-on" content.

andibandit3225d ago

Not really a hoax, but more a complete fumble.

MWH3225d ago

not bad but i'd also add Mortal Kombat Sonya Nudeality.

Pozzle3224d ago

Or Tomb Raider's Lara nude cheat.

MWH3224d ago

the original Tomb Raider on PC had a texture patch turning Lara completely nude.

MK3U's hoax on the other hand was a blast back then. i remember one guy selling a fake impossible to achieve code to how Sonya performs a Nudeality for 50$! this code includes taping up twice or trice i don't remember without her jumping or the code wont work, the poor guy bought it!

he worked the entire summer on mastering this code until he finaly realized the truth.

what pumped this hoax and made it popular is that it was mentioned vaguely in a magazine called Tips-&-Tricks.

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