The Wii U: A Step Too Far?

TGC writes: Do you hear that distant rumble? Already the plates in the cupboard are starting to rattle under the constant vibration. Can you discern the sound like millions of coin slots working in unison, putting money into the hands of tame journalists? And I know you can hear the voice with the abysmal, borderline offensive Italian accent slowly repeating, “Buy-a me, buy-a me,” over and over again.

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TruthbeTold3215d ago

Another anti-Wii U article... This is getting old.

'Speaking of which, what if someone else has the audacity to watch something on your titanic screened television, don’t worry, you can play your Wii U game just on the GamePad’s screen. That doesn’t defeat the purpose of having the huge screen with super HD at all, does it? All those pretty graphics squished down to coloured blobs on the screen that’s one hundred times smaller than the one they’re supposed to be viewed on, that won’t suck any of the fun out of games, no sir. What about those features that you need to look at your GamePad screen to use? Will you need an even smaller screen to get the full effect or will it – gasp! – do what every other game does and either have an HUD or get you to pause the game? Wouldn’t that kind of go against the effect they’re going for?'

'It all sounds a bit duff. The GamePad screen sounds to me like a distraction. Nintendo looked at the success of the DS and thought they could scale it up. A neat idea, but one that falls down if you think about it any sensible way.'

'The problem is, of course, that gamers don’t really want extraneous stuff cluttering up their gaming experience. An extra little screen for widgets and whatnots will only annoy gamers.'

One would have to try pretty hard to muster up more reasons why people shouldn't like the Wii U. I'm not going to report or approve this, since I'm not looking to censor or support this. But articles like this only feed the negative sentiment of those already determined to dismiss the Wii U and tout something else. It's REALLY getting old.

ChickeyCantor3215d ago

It probably gives you cancer as well. Miyamoto is Hitlers legacy.

neogeo3214d ago

it's been reported the WiiU makes people punch children in the face. Don't buy it people, For the children sake.

Benjamminkno3214d ago

Mario is clearly Joseph Stalin. And Zelda practices magic and should be burned at the stake. Why would they have a Gamepad touchscreen unless it was for chopping up your cocaine?

ninjabake3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

The author was reaching a bit here. He had some valid concerns but then he just kinda went overboard. His judgments sound clouded as he most likely already isn't terribly fond of Nintendo. There's nothing wrong with bashing the Wii U(or any system or electronic device) but you could at least be professional about it and state your case as to why your concerns are legit. Whining and telling bad jokes while nitpicking isnt the way to go.

Why not point out how your concerned about the possible fps drop with the 2nd gamepad in use? Or how the rumble is almost non existant in the pro controller? Or why Nintendo decided to not include analog triggers on the controller? Or why Nintendo has remained silent in regards to online other than the announcement of Nintendo TVii? Or how the Miiverse integration will truly pan out?

I think those are legit concerns for the new system. Saying you have a problem with playing with 2 screens saying it "will only annoy gamers" while speaking for the entire gaming community is classless and ignorant. Just because you don't like the idea doesn't mean others wont love it.

Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to the Wii U and intend to purchase it but I also have my fair share of concerns with the console, I just articulate mine in a honest and respectful way. More professionalism in gaming journalism would go a long way for outsiders taking the hobby seriously but who are we kidding? Foolish and subjective articles like this are what generates the most attention, even if it is negative and juvenile. Smh.

coolman2293215d ago

So you're saying that the author....went a step too far?

ninjabake3214d ago

LOL + bubble for being funny but im not really saying he went too far. I mean you can bash things all you want and look foolish and continue to make gaming journalism look like a joke but the author shouldn't expect anyone to seriously take what he says into professional consideration that's all.

coolman2293214d ago

Thanks for the bubble! And I do agree. Gaming journalism is truly a joke. It's just another doom article that crop up by the dozen whenever a new console is coming out.

neogeo3214d ago

I only have 1 concern. Whats the damn CPU! Its drving me crazy to find out. I can't sleep.

mamotte3215d ago

It says something like "I dont like the new controller since it's weird"

Benjamminkno3214d ago

With such an oddly ignorant editorial, I can only deduce that the author is as uninformed as he is threatened. Most if not all of his complaints are premature and seemingly exhausted. I wonder why these websites feel the need to berate an unreleased system and deem it newsworthy to complain in such a way. It's sad and amusing. I suppose the author would trade the Gamepad for a traditional controller and slightly better graphics, because that's so original. Maybe it needs to play blu-rays or sell at a loss for it to be considered a legitimate console. Nintendo has made the industry what it is today, and is still devoted to developing software, something their competitors don't feel the need to have to contribute. And why should they, when they can buy developers with TV and PC sales, and sell their consoles at a loss?
I'll play this guy one on one COD on any console of his choosing and wipe the floor with him. I'd say that would settle who is right... maybe we could play on WiiU so we can each have a seperate screen? Well, I wouldn't want any distractions now would I? BOOM!!

LiquidSword933214d ago

Why are ppl (journalists in particular) afraid of what the wii u might do? man up you little bitches and get ready for nintendo's serious face. Its about time they got "console serious".

Smashbro293214d ago

It's only gonna be "serious" for another year or so, then it'll be in the same place as the Wii.

Smashbro293214d ago

In response to your last comment, Sony and Microsoft will be making more powerful consoles that all the 3rd party developers will flock to.

LiquidSword933214d ago

You make a good point. But that scenario is assuming Microsoft and sony create very impressive ps4s and 720s. I mean how far cn they take it? Anyway...

mamotte3214d ago

In response to your last comment, not very expensive PC are way more powerful than any console, and that's no reason for it being the dominan species in the gaming world. And PS2 was the least powerful console in it's generation, and still selling.

nextbigname3214d ago

WTF are you talking about? PC is more powerful only because consoles are outdated. Wait for PS4 and 720, and revise your comment.

For LiquidSword93, of course Microsoft and Sony will be releasing impressive machines, what do you expect? That's the only way they can stay in the market, otherwise there is nothing for them to do here and they know it. Read some speculation articles on what the consoles might be.

mamotte3214d ago

ok, let's say you're right. Now explain the " And PS2 was the least powerful console in it's generation, and still selling. "

That F I Am talking about.

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