Sony Pulse Wireless Headset – Elite Edition Review (PlanetPSX)

From the PlanetPlayStation featured review:

"The headset market is booming – and I don’t mean in the sound department – when it comes to competition. Everyone from SteelSeries to Astro Gaming to Turtle Beach is cranking out quality headsets for use with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it’s really hard to pick a clear winner. That said, Sony is making a gutsy call by releasing a new headset into the wild with the Pulse Wireless Headset – Elite Edition, just a year after releasing a moderately good wireless headset that worked exclusively with the PS3."

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UltimaEnder3216d ago

Love the surround sound feature - and the wireless works great; if you're looking for a PlayStation 3 headset look no further!

narked3216d ago

Love this headset just got it today :D It's fantastic and the pulse feature is just perfect.

brettyd3216d ago

Great for music as well.

LaurenKB1233216d ago

Will have to look into this now, and the price is great for what you apparently get (after reading the review)...

KONAAs3216d ago

i rater buy the triton ax pros for $150, if u break a part u can buy a replacement, sony does not sell the usb dongle if u loose or break it,

MySwordIsHeavenly3216d ago

Why wouldn't they? Even my wrist strap is covered under my warranty for my Cybershot...

KONAAs3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

i know it makes no sense, but its the same concept as the original stereo headset, they dont sell replacement USB dongles, call customer suport they will tell u they dont, hell look at the forums with allot of ppl that lost of broke theirs, i got the astros A50s, i love them

MySwordIsHeavenly3216d ago

That's upsetting. Perhaps enough strongly worded letters could change that.

LOGICWINS3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I have the Ax Pros. The sound you get from them is fantastic..but there are too many wires. As far as surround sound, you would think that the Trittons would have the edge since they support REAL surround sound as opposed to virtual surround sound. Of the reviews I've come across, some say the Trittons sound better, others say that these sound better. In fact, I read in one review that the sound from the Pulse headset is on par with Astros.

narked3216d ago

How exactly do you loose a usb dongle which is always attached to a PS3?

KONAAs3216d ago

maybe u got kids? or nephews come to visit you? u misplace it if u use it on ps3 and pc, a family member thinks its a flash drive

narked3216d ago

Ok I didn't think of that :) Apologies for the quick judgement :)

BaconBits3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I am not a big fan of Sony headsets but these do seem like a pretty good deal. I still think my next headset will be the new Turtle Beaches with Bluetooth. I have been using the x41's since they came out and they are pretty good (about the same price as these). The short battery life is kind of a deal breaker though. My Turtles are about 10 hours and even then seems a bit short. At least with the turtles you can plug wired sets in and get 7.1 plus they have a pass through on the base so you can also use your normal surround set up during the day with out having to move optical wires around.

ThanatosDMC3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Problem i had with Turtle Beach wireless headset is there's sometimes a noise in the background. Apparently something to do with the signal with other wifi devices. Also, i end up with more crap on my desk and surge protector. I didnt get as much as 10 hours though... weird. The one i had must have been really defective.

PX5 is way overpriced in most stores. Buy it from newegg instead for $159.99 during their sale.

The mic on the PS3 wireless headset isnt as noise cancelling as i want it to be. However, it only requires the dongle to work and it is also plug and play for the PC.

I hope for the Pulse version they improve the bass since the first one doesnt have enough of it.

KONAAs3216d ago

the px5 are a joke, TB are dumb they use 2.4 wireless instead of a 5.8, the blutooth is only used to connect voice or music to the headset, they cant use blutooth only for audio and voice the quality drops, if u really wana buy a TB get the 400s i think they use 5.8

BaconBits3215d ago

Hmm. Looking at the TB site the 400 300 x32 and x42 use duel 2.4/5.8 GHz. Why not the 500 too?
Anyway, I don't get interference from other stuff because my phone and router are not 2.4GHz. If I could I would use wired but it is just not convenient for my setup.

nitrogav3216d ago

When is this bad boy released in the UK ?

S-T-F-U3216d ago

I'm wondering the same :(

narked3216d ago

I think it will be released this week. In Malta we get stock from Sony UK and I have the headset on my desk right now :) So it should be launched this week if not already launched.

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