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Connor White says: "All the build-up, all the hype, and we are left with a generally frustrating and disappointing experience. Two good campaigns, flawed even as they were, with several annoyances strewn throughout the other two campaigns, and absolutely no way to get around them. Hate is a strong word for Resident Evil 6. But I really don’t like it."

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-Mika-3221d ago

His complaints did not match the score. This was an horrible review.

Grap3221d ago

stop with go against the wind. the game sucks even the newcomers didn't like it.

Carl_Shocker3221d ago

She does this all the time

I think it's more to do with her wanting to have something to fight for and being on the minority side must give her a feel of a bigger challenge when arguing for it.

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Yangus3221d ago

I huge Resident Evil fan.
My one favorite series RE,i like RE1-2-3-4-5,Code: Veronica,Revelations.

But RE6 its crap,one bad joke.

Not this review horrible Mika,RE6 horrible...

Kratoscar20083221d ago

Actually is a good review of an horrible game.

By the way you defend FFXIII too dont you? Why the strange taste?

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franko3221d ago

Today,reviewers are spoiled little sissies who needs to be 'payed'to write good review. Go weite about pokemon or Paris Hilton jewel quest. Or quit writing.

Blastoise3221d ago

Paris Hilton jewel quest > Resident Evil 6

FunAndGun3221d ago

What an interesting, intelligent, and funny comment that was well said and helpful.


Blastoise3221d ago


Glad you liked it. Feel free to bubble me up anytime.

MehmetAlperTR3221d ago

From Crapcom Re6.. The game is sucks.. I m regret because i bought it. I ll trade it.. Da.n you Crapcom.. and Da.n you who supoorts this company and Da.m you who like this crap..

LiquidSword933221d ago

Lol you are THE definition of disgruntled customer. Sorry u got duped brother ;) cheer up

Bumpmapping3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I beat Leons campaign last night.Last two chapters you face the same boss over and over again do the same exact thing *shoot* than *Beat him up* rinse and repeat.Now I'am on chris campaign so far it's no better....OMG HEAD TRAUMA I DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING!That's how I wanna remember this pile of excrement so far. @Blastoise-Lol i'm pass that part.But that's exactly what I was thinking the whole time a uninspired Resistance Fall Of Man.Also you face the same boss 3 times LOL!

Blastoise3221d ago

Wait until you get to this ...

Imagine if they made Resistance a third person shooter, then made it bad. This is the result

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AusRogo3221d ago

Was really hyped for this and thought I'd give in, but I haven't. I'll rent it but not buy it. I'm not a hardcore resident evil fan, I've only finished 4 and 5 (watched my dad play through 1,2 and 3 and Veronica when I was younger though so I know the story) so I expected I'd love this since I loved 4 and 5, but nah.. just didn't do anything for me tbh, I'm not jumping on the hate band wagon. just things like the cover system, and the cheap scare of 'dead' zombies that jump up which you can see coming from a mile away. Sure, it may be fun playing co op but not enough to buy. Just a rent. I'm really dissapointed tbh, I really am.