The Avengers’ Colbie Smulders would make an awesome Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

After seeing Colbie Smulder’s impressive turn as agent Maria Hill in The Avengers film, it’s hard not to imagine the How I Met Your Mother star stepping into Commander Shepard’s N7 armor should a live-action Mass Effect film ever come to fruition.

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barefootgamer3222d ago

Nice Photoshop! Some of my friends complained about Smulders in The Avengers, but I thought she did a good job. I'd watch her as Commander Shepard.

crxss3222d ago

i'm sure if the title read "How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders would make an awesome Commander Shepard" no one would agree with you lol. but she did a good job in the avengers, it was just weird to see her play that kind of role once we've just been used to seeing her as Robin for so long.

gaffyh3222d ago

But what did she actually do? She had a completely pointless role, in which she did hardly any acting. How can that be a good job? Her role seemed completely forced on the viewer, and the film wouldn't have suffered even slightly if she wasn't in it.

On topic - I guess she would work, but I still think that because most people play as male Shepard, Shepard should be male in a movie, if it ever happens.

Axonometri3222d ago

Yea, and if we don't like the ending then everyone can cry and whine like a bunch of babies who need a diaper change!

Carl_Shocker3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

"The Avengers’ Colbie Smulders"

Pffft more like Robin Sparkles :)

If there was going to be a film though it would have to have a male Shepard as the lead...a male seems more suited.

ChunkyLover533222d ago

Honestly if their were a movie, hopefully they'd go with the male Shep. Since obviously it wouldn't be rated R and thus there would be no lesbian love anyway. It probably comes off as sexist, but I played as a male Shep and I would like to see a Commander in the vein that I played the game as.

VanguardOfCalamity3222d ago

looks at Nicholas Cage's Shepard


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The story is too old to be commented.